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Dec 1, 2009 06:13 AM

what about Aja near times square for Christmas eve with 6 year old restaurant child?

We want some great food and a different non traditional Christmas Eve since we have chosen to spend it in the city with our six year old. He knows how to behave in restaurants...He has grown up in the business, literally.

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  1. oops..sorry i thought you said NEW YEARS EVE...

    1. I've never heard of Aja. What's notable about the establishment?

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      1. re: Pan

        They are on Opentable and came up in my search of open Christmas eve near times square. Also menu looked good and they seemed to be decked out in the buddah theme and said to have koi ponds under glass in the floor. Thought this could be good for us and 6 year old. restaurant kid.

        1. re: wineandcheese

          OK, I did a search of this board:

          My impression is that LeahBaila likes the place, but others don't, and it is now apparently called Amber. Read starting here:

          I have to say, I wouldn't have been optimistic, just based on the description you gave. Do you want to go somewhere strictly for over-the-top decor, or are you looking for good food and an overall good experience?

          1. re: wineandcheese

            There are dozens of much better options. Not a chowhound destination by any means.

            1. re: chow_gal

              Thanks. We are going to go to nougatine instead.