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Dec 1, 2009 05:35 AM

Foolproof dessert, no chocolate, travels well?

I'm seeking suggestions for a dessert, light to no chocolate, which can be made a day ahead and will travel well. For similar occasions in the past I've made Buche de Noel, cheesecake, trifle and flan. Would love something new this time around... TIA!

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  1. Mexican Wedding Cakes--a pecan based cookie dusted in powdered sugar. These keep well out of the fridge and my DH actually likes them better the next day. Joy of Cooking has a good recipe.

    If you can stand a little chocolate, try Magic Cookie Bars (graham crust, dried coconut, sweetened condensed milk, chopped nuts and choc/butterscotch/peanut butter chips)

    Neither of these are particularly fancy, but they are very tasty and are good travelers.

    1. Along the lines of the trifle, is this eggnog tiramisu trifle. It's more like a tiramisu than a trifle (although there's little difference between the two when you come down to it):

      Leave out the chocolate leaves and/or ground chocolate for less chocolate.

      I have a recipe for a cream cheese pear tart (have used apples and also lemon curd in it and they've been very good, too) that's pretty and travels well, as long as you keep it in the tart pan w/ edge. It has a tart layer, a cream cheese layer and then pears arranged in a nice pattern and then baked. I can post the recipe if you'd like. I've made it on day, drove from Boston to DC the next and it was fine for dinner that night.

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        Hey chowser, did you get the chance to post the cream cheese pear tart recipe yet? I can't seem to locate it in search. Thanks!

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          It's in this thread, only I use pears instead of apples.

          It's for smaller tarts, but I make one big 9" one.

      2. how about:
        - pecan tassies or pecan bars
        - cranberry cake, or a cran/orange bundt:
        - persimmon pudding
        - pumpkin scones w/chips (cinnamon, butterscotch or white?), maple glaze
        - butterscotch bars
        -almond, pine nut, apricot crumb cake:

        1. I post this frequently in a valiant effort to get someone to try it:
          (plus I think it's very good, especially for the holidays and it travels well)

          Spiced Cranberry Bundt Cake:

          1. I was going to suggest flan but I see you've already done that.

            This pie was a hit at my Thanksgiving dinner. My daughter and I were proposing that it could be prepared as pots de crème or crème brulées as alternatives. Anyway, I thought the flavor was wonderful & unusual and the prep was simple.

            This cake has been a favorite since I ran across the original in a Junior League cookbook 3 decades ago. Lemon is available year round and a fresh fruit flavor is always nice at this time of year. The sweet-tart glaze is what makes it special. If you've ever had one of the expensive Ms Grace Lemon Cakes that are popular our here in LA as holiday gifts (she built a whole business around this cake!), this is it.

            For something more seasonal, the Pumpkin Apple Bread from the yellow Gourmet cookbook is pretty killer. If you doubled the ingredients and baked it in a bundt pan it would be attractive and festive. You could also substitute a buttermilk and confectioners' sugar glaze for the streusel topping to make it more cake-like. My tip: chop the apple quite fine because there's a strong color contrast in the finished slice and big chunks look less appealing. Here's a blog presentation of it as a quickbread:

            Meanwhile, did you know that muffins, quickbreads and lots of cake batters work together pretty interchangeably depending on the container you bake them in?

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              Thanks all for the great suggestions! I think rainey's lemon grove cake may be the winner this time around but I'll save the others for next time!

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                One more for next time... Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread (done in loaves rather than bundt, for me).

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                The lemon cake sounds delicious and really easy to make. But, one question- the recipe says that the cake should sit overnight to develop the flavor.. but when exactly does it sit? before the icing is put on? in between applications of the icing?