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Dec 1, 2009 03:48 AM

In need of a recommendation for Greenville, South Carolina

Hello to all, I need a recommendation in or near Greenville. I want to surprise my Hubby with a nice dinner. We have eclectoic tastes, love fish, steaks.... I cannot go too top of the line as we are on a budget , nor do I want to go to a diner...Or a chain......I would like to get a really good meal and ambience for about $100.00. Any place with a little music? ( He is such the romantic )
Thanks for your help, it is really appreciated.

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  1. You say "near" Greenville. Depending on what constitutes near, you could go up to Asheville to the Admiral. Do a search on Asheville if you're interested and you'll see it discussed to death. i understand they have an eclectic juke box.

    Closer to G'ville is West First , a fabulous brick ove pizza place in Hendersonville that also does pastas and other specials in the evening. great atmosphere, casual but attractive space and high energy.

    I'll try to think of something actually IN Greenville soon.

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      I will have to do a map quest to see what kind of drive that would be. Thank you for the info, if you come across anything else let me know!
      Kindest regards,

      1. re: Artaine

        I heard good things about the food at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe (cool space, as a band), but I thought it was mediocre bar food. You could go to Chicora Alley, that's kind of a romantic (although bar-like) atmosphere, but no music that I'm aware of. Reasonably good carribbean food.

        Stellar wine bar: GREAT wine list, but again, mediocre bar food.

        Murasake at cherrydale: best sushi in G'ville, IMO. The one downtown is not bad either. Tsunami also not bad.

        1. re: danna

          What about High Cotton or American Grocery? Too expensive for the OP?

          1. re: carolinadawg

            I definitely recommend American Grocery - you could barely get away with a meal for two for under $100, if you skip the alcohol and share a dessert (romantic!). And you can't beat the ambiance there. It's very cozy.

            I've grown to really like Lazy Goat. It's more reasonably priced than AGR, plus I love the concept of sharing small plates. But it can be crowded and noisy.

            1. re: buckeye.mary

              Yeah, we dropped substantially more than $100 at AG. We aren't big drinkers, either. That would be my choice for a special occasion, too.

              I've been meaning to try Lazy Goat again...didn't they get a new chef? I tried it twice soon after it opened and was unimpressed, but I've heard better reviews lately.

              1. re: danna

                Another vote for American Grocery. Don't miss the pork belly.

                1. re: danna

                  I think Lazy Goat's current chef started there about a year ago.

                  1. re: buckeye.mary

                    Lazy Goat's current chef is NOT the original one and in fact, she was awarded Breakout Chef of the year (or something similar) from Esquire magazine and Thomas Keller was quoted in a couple of spots as raving about some of her dishes. She's outside the box, cooks with big flavors, and it's affordable. I highly recommend it for the food, the ambiance is a little off to me..feels sterile. Try the mousaka - it's one of my favorites.

                    There is a new spot on N. Main called the Green Room that I've only been to once. The owner is calling it "casual fine dining". Great atmosphere, service, menu. They took over the old Paris Cafe spot and retained the bakery equipment and hired a pastry chef, so all bread and pastry is made in house, as well as homemade mozz (yay!). The mini taco app and the bread pudding for dessert were standouts, but everything else was passable.

                    Love AG, best in town for sure, but pricey.

                    1. re: ap65065

                      I had lunch at Green Room a few weeks ago. I had the grilled artichoke and mozz "salad", and although the cheese was good, I was pretty unhappy with the fact that there were no greens and the artichokes didn't seem grilled to me, they seemed a whole lot of olive oil. So cheese, oil, and a drizzle of oil. Then, thinking I was being virtuous ordering a salad, I splurged on some sweet potato fries. They were fresh tasting and crisp, but I thought the oil it was cooked in might have needed to be changed. You know that "dirty" flavor.

                      The menu looked good and I would like to try it at dinner.