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Dec 1, 2009 02:18 AM

Need idea for restaurant very close to 92nd Street Y

Looking for a casual/inexpensive (for the area) restaurant where I could get a good burger plate etc. Coming in from Brooklyn for an 8PM lecture so proximity to Y is important-thanks!

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  1. Sfoglia....Its basically across the street and I know people will say Square Meal. I have not been, but meaning to try!

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      Sorry I just caught that you are looking for a burger. Ottominelli's is a few blocks up. Great burger.

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        Yes, those are my recs. for the area too, though I posted recently about disappointments at Sfoglia:

    2. Hey there,
      we've put together a Google map pointing to places of interest around the 92Y. You can see that here:

      Sfoglia Restaurant is indeed fantastic. The map also includes some places that serve great hamburgers if you really had your heart set on one.

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        who better to answer your 92Y question, than 92Y....

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          In my opinion, the burger at Ottomanelli is ten times better than the one at Burger Heaven - and a lot closer!

        2. What a minute! Kinsale one of cities (imho) finest Irish pubs is nary a block away on Third Ave & 94th. Their super burger rivals many of the best and is a truly great deal at $6.95 when some get $20 for a burger these days. I'd also argue that their shepards pies is the about best I've ever had. The lamb chop plate is also a deal with 2 sides for the money. Family and sports friendly and no pretentions, that's why I say Kinsale hard to beat on the UES for casual dining.

          1. I heartily concur with MMRuth about Ottomanelli. For price, quality, and convenience to the 92Y the cannot be beat. The basic half pound steak burger is only $5.95...add their excellent waffle fries and a couple of toppings and you're still well under $10. Great burgers, not surprising considering they are first and foremost butchers.