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Dec 1, 2009 12:46 AM

Upscale restaurant with good vegetarian offerings in London?

Hello, I'm going to be visiting London this upcoming weekend, and I'm looking for a nice, upscale restaurant with good vegetarian options. I am taking a good friend and her husband out for her birthday, so I'm prepared to spend up to 80 pounds per person for a great meal. She is a vegetarian, so I'd like to eat somewhere that has some great offerings for her - but it doesn't have to be an only vegetarian restaurant. The atmosphere has to be nice, and we'll be sitting around catching up for quite a while, so we don't want to be rushed. Any ethnicity of cuisine would be fine. Anywhere in central London would be fine for a location. Thank you very much for your recommendations!

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    1. A lot of the best restaurants do vegetarian options. I'm fairly certain the following do:

      - Roussillon
      - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
      - The Square
      - Hibiscus

      All of those would be great choices I'm sure.

      1. A friend of mine who used to be a vegetarian always rated Roussillon. Another friend who's still a strict veggie likes Morgan M in Islington.

        1. Try Acorn - all organic and veg and good for foodies
          Also Chutney Mary - an old stand by out Kings road but with good veg options and an interesting Raj theme
          There are several Sofra retaurants - middle eastern - wonderful - the original is in Mayfair and there is a larger one in Covent Garden

          1. Ishbilya (Lebanese) might be a good choice, with the range of mezze. Another possibility is Kikuchi (Japanese), as there is a reasonable number of vegetarian dishes.