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Portsmouth and environs, tried CHOWHOUND recommendations

jim14th Nov 30, 2009 11:15 PM

I want to thank those from the area who shared their collective wisdom. We had a great time, though only 36 hours, snout to tail.

Petey's in Rye: More or less what we wanted in a beachside/local place. We had smelts, lobster and calamari. Good service and atmosphere, prices reasonable. Food about what you would expect, basic and good. Calamari just okay.

Steve's Diner in Exeter: Pancakes, waffles, hash and eggs. Pancakes and waffles only so, so. Good hash and breads. Is anyone else put off by ordering juice and having them bring a can or bottle? Good stop if you happen to be close by, but I wouldn't make another trip out of my way. We also tried Greek Sausage, name escapes me. heavily flavored with orange peel and clove--very interesting but not appropriate at breakfast. Good service.

Cap'n Simeon's out on 103 Kittery/York: The definition of the old school dockside dining room that you went to with the whole family. We lucked into 2 chicken lobsters at $20 and had an enjoyable evening with a little crabcake thrown in for good measure. Particularly welcome respite after waiting in the wind for the lighting of the Nubble out at Cape Neddick.

Celebrity Sandwich in Portsmouth(not a Chow recommendation but happened upon it): Schticky place that has 72 sandwiches with Stars' names attached willy-nilly. Ingredients were standard, the place looks poorly improvised, and the owner, oddly tan, kept directing and counter-manding his counter help. Did I catch it on a bad day?

Golden Egg on 1A at 1B on the way to New Castle: excellent if pricey breakfast. I had a derivation of benedict with asparagus and corned beef, with a side of baked beans. First rate but I found it offensive that at the price($ 34 for two adults and a child), they charge( in New England!) for true maple syrup.

Thanks again

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    bewley Dec 1, 2009 02:19 AM

    Di you happen to know that the price of "true" maple syrup has doubled in the past year? It's fairly standard practice now to charge extra for maple and and provide "regular" table syrup for free.

    Good review. The one time I went to Celebrity Sandwich the service was poor and the food was good, but nothing special. Everyone raves about the Golden Egg, but I've never been.

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    1. re: bewley
      jim14th Dec 1, 2009 03:46 AM

      Hey Bewley,

      I am all too aware of the price of maple syrup as I serve it at my own restaurant. Putting anything else out is a denial of heritage in this part of the country. I would say that the Golden Egg was worthwhile, however.

    2. k
      kimfair1 Dec 1, 2009 07:42 AM

      The sausage is called Locanico. Very good, but I agree not for breakfast.

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