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Nov 30, 2009 09:38 PM

Kam Po Kitchen, SF - any recent reviews?

My friend recommended the cooked turkey here - he said it was very moist. He got 1/2 a turkey (5lb) at $3/lb.

Other reviews have mentioned good roast duck & roast pork.

Any recent reviews?

Kam Po Kitchen
801 Broadway, SF
(415) 982-3516

Kam PO Kitchen
801 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

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  1. I work in walking distance. My haole colleague likes going there for the haam yu (salted fish). It's too funky for me but he likes it. I once ordered 'mixed meat lo mein' -its a deli right? The waitress asked me if I really wanted that, and I should have picked up on it, but I said no, and lo and behold variety meat lo mein appeared with the little squiggly pig intestines prominent among the other offal. I ate it but I was missing the roast duck, roast pork etc. in the window. Its a mostly older male chinese crowd and they're the target market.

    In that genre I'm partial to New Moon on Stockton, just past Broadway. I had a more than decent cantonese style curry chicken rice plate for lunch there today. I like the roast meats, the steamed fish filets and bok choi, and the salt and pepper fish.

    New Moon Restaurant
    1247 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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      Ericruo, at Kam Po many people order rice plates with a combination of roast meats - either two items or three items: duck, char siu, roast pig, soy sauce chicken etc...... very different from your "mixed meats"

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        I got a few things to go last month when my mom was getting her hair cut on the other side of Broadway ($5 haircuts!). The roast pig had lovely skin but the flavor was not as good as New Moon's. Char siu was fine, I'd asked for boon fei so, and it was still a bit leanish/dry. Chicken feet had a different flavor, spicier and less sweet, and were cooked well. Like you, I prefer New Moon for these particular items. I think Kam Po is priced a little lower.

      2. It hasn't changed much - still popular & very earthy ( maybe too much so for some). Their roasted meats are good. The rice plates are very generous and cheap. The beef stew is usually quite good here - although last time I was there ( 3 weeks ago) it wasn't as tender as it normally is. Lots of my Mother's friends come here also. It's actually quite a cross section of folks who eat here ....... everybody loves a bargain.

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        1. re: gordon wing

          I'd be stunned if there were any significant change to this place. It's timeless.

        2. I am looking to buy roasted duck this Saturday morning (early morning if possible, at 8 am). Does anyone know what time Kam Po Kitchen is open, or if it's going to be open this Saturday? If not, any other suggestions for roasted duck?

          I need to bring appetizers for a chinese new year dinner party and would really like to make duck spring rolls.