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Seeking a good restaurant with a big round booth or table for 8 people

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I know this is a weird request, but I'm looking for a decent restaurant in the Toronto area (or York Region) that also happens to have a round booth or round half booth or round table that can fit about 8 people. I like it round so that no one is left out!

Anyways, a place with a good veggie option (like pasta) would be nice, as two of the guests are vegetarians, but I am not looking for a vegetarian place.

Also, a bit upscale is also plus. As well, trying to stay away from Chinese.

Any suggestions? Open to anything.


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  1. Nota Bene has some large, round tables.

    1. Mistura has a private room with a large square table (I believe it can seat 12). Although it's not round, it still means that non one gets left out of conversation. I hosted an event there, and we thought the room was great -- very conducive to good conversation all around. Also, they have some great veg options.

      1. I believe North 44 has round tables in the center of the room - the banquettes on the side are too small for eight people.

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          Was there on the weekend with a party of six at a round table. We had lots of room and most likely could have fit another two at the table. Great meal - we all agreed it was one of the best we have enjoyed in a while (other recent visits include Opus, Nota Bene, Lee)
          Of the six - four had the Dover Sole and raved about it.

        2. If you like great Japanese izakaya-style cooked food and passable sushi, Ematei has a terrific table at the back, it's rectangular but with sunken seats and just an awesome vibe. We have our office Xmas parties at that table.

          1. Mildred's Temple Kitchen has a big round table (just one) in the back of the restaurant. It's quite a nice spot.

            1. Pastis at Yonge & Summerhill has a large round table. It definitely seats six and might be large enough for eight. We had an excellent meal there last week. Wonderful food, excellent service, great ambiance.

              1. Bar Italia has nice big booths that seat 8.

                1. Ciceri et Tria is italian, fun, casual, lovely and affordable. They have a chef table at the back, it is square and you can fit in 9 people.