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Nov 30, 2009 08:56 PM

Seeking a good restaurant with a big round booth or table for 8 people

I know this is a weird request, but I'm looking for a decent restaurant in the Toronto area (or York Region) that also happens to have a round booth or round half booth or round table that can fit about 8 people. I like it round so that no one is left out!

Anyways, a place with a good veggie option (like pasta) would be nice, as two of the guests are vegetarians, but I am not looking for a vegetarian place.

Also, a bit upscale is also plus. As well, trying to stay away from Chinese.

Any suggestions? Open to anything.


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  1. Nota Bene has some large, round tables.

    1. Mistura has a private room with a large square table (I believe it can seat 12). Although it's not round, it still means that non one gets left out of conversation. I hosted an event there, and we thought the room was great -- very conducive to good conversation all around. Also, they have some great veg options.

      1. I believe North 44 has round tables in the center of the room - the banquettes on the side are too small for eight people.

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          Was there on the weekend with a party of six at a round table. We had lots of room and most likely could have fit another two at the table. Great meal - we all agreed it was one of the best we have enjoyed in a while (other recent visits include Opus, Nota Bene, Lee)
          Of the six - four had the Dover Sole and raved about it.

        2. If you like great Japanese izakaya-style cooked food and passable sushi, Ematei has a terrific table at the back, it's rectangular but with sunken seats and just an awesome vibe. We have our office Xmas parties at that table.

          1. Mildred's Temple Kitchen has a big round table (just one) in the back of the restaurant. It's quite a nice spot.