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Nov 30, 2009 08:41 PM

Sushi House Concord Now With Chinese

Was driving down route 2 in Concord this week and noticed that the Sushi House restaurant in concord now has Chinese food on its sign. Anyone had a chance to try it yet? We're desperate for a decent option around here.

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  1. I doubt it's any good. What is good is Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica.

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    1. re: robertlf

      Framingham Sichuan Gourmet is good too, of course. I'm not confused and don't expect that quality - will drive for that. But, currently we have not even a decent americanized option around. So, hoping to give this a try so that mid-week chinese is an option in town. Anyone?

      1. re: rumblebumble

        Billerica is much better then Framingham. I agree though, it would be nice to have something, even americanized around that is decent. Sushi House had Chinese downstairs for years and then stopped. Hopefully its different people running it now because it was pretty horrible before. I used to work late and commute right by it, so would stop for take out every once in a while. Also dined in at least 5-6 times. Eventually just gave up on it. Never was anyone in there.

        Closest 1/2 decent chinese seems to be Bamboo is Westford but i dont go there often. Usually just drive the extra and go to Sichaun Palace in Chelmsford or Sichaun Gourmet in Billerica.

        Report back!

        1. re: hargau

          Ah yes, the old China Sails. At least that is the name I am remembering. It was in the same building as Sushi House back in 1998-2000, when I worked across route 2 in the old Gen Rad building. Lunch (and dinner after/during work) options were pretty limited in that area. I would not say that China Sails was horrible, but it certainly was not good enough to recommend.

          1. re: PinchOfSalt

            Nah China Sails was on rt9 in Chestnut Hill for years. I think the space has now been split up into many smaller places. Its that block of stores aprox across from Rosies Bakery on the east bound side. Used to have a big long red/gold sign..

            I forget the name of the one that was in the space in concord.

            1. re: hargau

              That was the main location of China Sails. There were multiple locations, at least according to this article:


              So, perhaps my memory was right - or maybe not. Heheh. Maybe some other Hound will remember!

              1. re: PinchOfSalt

                Google says you are right! I thought it was something else. No wonder it was so bad, the place in Chestnut Hill was never any good either!

                1. re: hargau

                  We went and checked it out. Ordered all off the authentic menu which is quite large and interesting. Everything was very good food wise.

                  Our biggest problem with the place is the tepanyaki makes it very loud, smelly and smokey. Not the greatest ventilation and its all very tightly packed in. The tables for the chinese are within 5 ft of the tepanyaki tables. Seemed alot of things had a dried haze of grease on them from the cooking on those tables too.

                  Service wasnt the greatest either and there were several miscommunications and even an item forgot (which we had to have removed from the bill later)

                  We will go back but most likely for takeout only.

                  Funny the placemats still are the China Trade ones!

                  They have some nice spicy Sichuan dishes and many whole fish dishes.

    2. Yes, I have eaten here twice. Order off the authentic menu it,s very good.
      The beef noodle soup and pork with mustard greens is excellent.
      I think they have a new chef. It,s the best in the Concord area.

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      1. re: bostonron

        Good to know. Is there a website or menu online anywhere? I couldnt find one.

        I think after it was the original chinese place it became a tepanyaki place. Guess that didnt work out either. I never went when they had that.

        1. re: hargau

          OK, it's called Asian Gourmet. I found this link that lets you buy a $50 certificate for $29. ( We'll give it shot and report back.

          1. re: rumblebumble

            I found the website but it doesnt show the authentic menu i guess. I see photos of things there and on other sites that are not on the menu shown on the website.

            Is the authentic menu in english in the restaurant??

            1. re: hargau

              Yes, the authentic menu is in English. I have had lunch there a couple of times and enjoyed it.

      2. We ate dinner at Asian Gourmet in Concord last night.
        The authentic section of the menu is quite large and would need many visits or a large party to fully explore. We simplified by picking favorites and test dishes. We had the pork with pickled mustard greens, the salt and pepper shrimp and squid with mixed vegetables (from the lunch section).
        All were quite yummy: The pork dish had a lively salty tangy flavor and included edamame -- an interesting fusiony tough that actually worked well, the shrimp was done without shells but had the fragrant delicate flavor spot on, and the squid were perfectly tender in a sweet pepper, bamboo shoot and onion medley.
        Service was friendly, helpful but scattered (distracted, young). The room is dominated by the Benni-Hanna style Hibachi grill/performance area in the center (and a very large tv on the wall...)
        So don't go for the ambiance or elegant service.
        But do go for the food. A definite boost to those in metro west with a craving for good chinese...