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Nov 30, 2009 06:23 PM

Breakfast near Dupont Circle

I will be staying near Dupont Circle for a weekend and have no intention of eating breakfast at my hotel. I'm planning on going to Founding Farmers one morning and looking for a good little diner or coffee shop for the second morning.As always any advice is appreciated.

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  1. You might want to do a search on this board. There have been many threads about this very topic.

    The usually Dupont (and surrounding areas) suggestions:

    Luna Bar & Grill (skip Luna Cafe)
    Front Page (I personally like their Sunday buffet)
    Levante's on Sunday (interesting mix of Middle Eastern and typical brunch buffet--can order a la carte)
    Rosemary's Thymes
    Le Pain Quotidien
    Creme (U St)

    1. Just had brunch this past weekend at Scion Restaurant on 21st and P Sts NW. It was very good and reasonably priced with great service. I also loved the fresh fruit buffet they had.

      1. Kramerbooks & Afterwords is also a good choice with its something-for-everybody menu and pleasant enclosed porch. Teaism is good for scrambled eggs and French Toast/waffles (depending on the day of the week). If you must have coffee forget about Teaism.

          1. I would go to Bread and Brew. They make a great (strong!) coffee, quiche of the day, eggs, bagel sandwiches, french toast etc. Plus the entire restaurant is certified green and they always have vegan there is something for everyone.

            I think The Tabard Inn also serves breakfast. For a more coffee house vibe I would head to SoHo Coffee on P St. I like their breakfast burrito.