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Nov 30, 2009 06:13 PM

Dallas, TX.............

Looks like I will be going back to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl again. I was at The Ritz
Carlton last year and had dinner at Fearings, Lola and The Mansion on Turtle Creek. We will be at The Adolphus this year and would like to eat at The French Room. Can you suggest great places for dinner for the other 3 nights we will be in Dallas. I thought about Craft, Abacus and Pappas Brothers but I think it's a chain. Give me some help. Thanks.

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  1. I always respect someone who enjoys, the best!
    York Street.
    Aurora (probably, the most expensive in Dallas but, extraordinary food).
    Nana Grill. (Atop the Anatole hotel).

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      Has anyone tried the Mansion with it's new head chef Bruno Davaillon?

      1. re: Eastwind

        I am waiting for the full new menu to roll out. Davaillon has been slowly releasing and trying dishes out on his public to try and find his Dallas sea legs. I want to see the end result before I venture back.

        Stephan Pyles (ceviche bar, tapas and big beef dishes - a wonderfully imaginative chef and extremely cordial) and his other restaurant Samar is note worthy (small plates from around the world... not fusion though), certainly twin stepped up with the Big 7.

        There is also 560 at the Hyatt downtown owned by Wolfgang Puck with a slant toward Indian flavors. York Street is nice. Very nice actually. Lots of regional ingredients and delicious flavors such as their roast duck breast and the best treatment of mussels I think in the area. The menu changes often.

        Screen Door is an upscale southern restaurant with a nice rendition of foie gras served with and grits at a really decent price. The shrimp and grits are delicious. Nice stuff really, and different. Not everything has grits, but they sure are tasty.

        Craft is a wonderful menu and is entirely ala carte. Great selection of mushrooms, and an even better selection of oysters. Fresh, simple cooking with wonderful ingredients in an upscale atmosphere (W hotel) and owned by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame.

        1. re: Eastwind

          I actually had the opportunity last night. I was at private wine event that we worked with Bruno to develop a menu to pair with the specific wines. It was really good. I'd call it French-lite. We had a Diver Scallop on top of pommes puree ala Joel Rubochon. They were served with a roast cauliflower sauce. Superb. Followed by Fresh Porchini Shroom risotto topped with Duck Confit with crisp duck skin. Very good. Bison tenderloin with black pepper demi which was really good also. Dessert was Gingerbread Tuile served atop Blue Cheese ice Cream. Awesome served with Sauternes. Now, I don't know how reflective this dinner will be of the menu, but the quality level of cooking was outstanding. We also met and chatted with him and he was a very nice fellow.

          1. re: J.R.

            How fortunate! Let me in on these things, dude.

            1. re: J.R.

              Sounds like The Mansion picked a real winner in Bruno. Impressive resume and from what I've read, he seems happy to move to Dallas.

              I don't want to say The Mansion lost a step, but it seems like Bruno has the talent and leadership to bring back that magic and put it back into the elite halls in terms of dining.

              Once he gets comfortable with the restaurant, his staff, and the market in terms of product avaliable and tastes, it sounds like he has a lot of potential.

              Is the Mansion staff happy with the French influences? I know the Rosewood owners (Hunt) weren't happy about the restaurant changes with the new make-over and new direction (under John). One nice thing with his skill and creativity is, hopefully, he'll develop some great talent in the kitchen that will open future DFW-area restaurants.

              How long do you give him before he'll have a full stamp on the restaurant (from menus, the operation of the kitchen, selecting the products he'll use)?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I am not in the know for when his menu might be in full swing, but I can certainly inquire and will this weekend. D magazine had some nice videos and interviews in the past weeks. One excellent interview had poor sound quality but worth a look-see. Leslie Brenner had a nice interview as well so check the DMN food blog for deeper insight.

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              Never have eaten his food, but besides his talent, it sounds like this guy is very smart and passionate.

              (Sorry about some of my grammarical errors in a few of my previous posts.



              Plus, it appears he has introduce weekly tasting menus: