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Nov 30, 2009 05:59 PM

Upper west side must have food suggestions

Hi all, I will be coming soon to the upper westside from northern westchester and I was just wondering what are some must have foods in the upper westside. I have already done grey's papaya and the shake shack. My plan is to go to grandaisy bakery and try their pizza blanca or their Champagne Grape Pizza. Then check out Jacques Torres for some small chocolates I cant get anywhere else and maybe get their ice cream sandwich. Then I was thinking of heading to grom for some gelato. Then bring the gelato over to Levain and get all 4 of their cookies and a scone. If you guys have any suggestions on changes or recommendations of things to have let me know. I have recently done Russ and Daughters so I would prefer no bagel and lox suggestions. I'll also only be there for an hour and a half in the afternoon so no sit down restaurants unless I can eat something quick at the bar.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Between Grandaisy and Jacques Torres you may want to slip in some prosciutto or other cured meat from Salumeria Rosi (next door to Torres). They even have a tiny bar in the back half of the space so if you wished you could sit and have a quick glass of wine with your mixed salumi.
    Also, and this may just be me, but whenever I eat a whole piece of pizza bianca from Grandaisy, which is great and I adore, by the end of it the chewing literally tires out my mouth... I guess I have weak mandibles or something, but I don't think I would want to keep on going to 3-4 other places after that. Their topped pizzas are very thin and don't present the same challenge to me, though IMO they're not as good as the bianca and definitely not as cheap. Have fun!

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      Is there anything in particular u recommend at Salumeria Rosi?
      I also think I'll be adding the banana pudding from buttercup bakeshop along my trip. I've never been the the UWS and I don't know if I'll have time to come back for awhile.

      1. I lived right around the corner from Jacques Torres and never found it all that great, particularly if you're looking for something unique. Their spicy hot chocolate might be a worthy novelty, though.

        Shake Shack and Salumeria Rosi are both good calls. The Shack Stack is the obvious choice at the former, if you foresee not getting back to the UWS for a while. I used to often get Chilean empanadas at Freddie and Pepper's. They were nothing to write home about, but a pretty decent snack. Their Latin-influenced pizzas, however, were always interesting, but never that well done.

        I know you've already done bagels but H&H and Barney Greengrass are such UWS institutions, I'd feel remiss not mentioning them.

        1. My new favorite is Buceo 95, a wonderful little Tapas Bar on 95th and Amsterdam, with FANTASTIC food and very reasonably priced. The wine is excellent as well. Enjoy!

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            No kidding? I've passed that place by a lot, but the people I've been hanging out with have never wanted to eat there. What are some of the tapas have you enjoyed there?

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              Haven't been there yet, but two friends (with good taste) at work have been twice and loved it; they've particularly recommended the lamb sliders (Bocadillo de Cordero).

              1. re: Striver

                I've been there a number of times, when I was living right across the street from it and since i've moved. I love the place! The food is delicious and the wine selection is pretty decent. The staff is so pleasant and everything is reasonably priced.

                I've enjoyed the folloing: the stuffed peppers, grilled calimari, garlic shrimp, tortilla, bacon wrapped dates, and the meatballs

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                Some reports from spring ...

                Buceo 95
                201 W 95th St, New York, NY 10025

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                  sorry , I am a little late... EVERYTHING i have eaten is amazing... Bocarones with white bean on crostini, grilled/roasted mushrooms, octopus, calamari, lamb burger sliders, brussels sprouts, chorizo, yum, I am getting hungry.

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                  this has piqued my interest. nice menu. never heard of it. thanks.

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                    Friends wanted tapas so I finally got around to trying Buceo 95 and thought the food hit and miss. Hits: Grilled Baby Octopus (served on an addictive polenta with blue cheese), Baby Artichokes, Goat Cheese Croquettes (wonderfully thin, crispy, nongreasy coating), a special that night of baby clams in a coconut milk sauce. Misses: Lamb Burger Sliders (good, but nothing special and overcooked to my taste, and the fried potato chips/crisps that were served with them were way too salty and a little soggy), paella (good, but not good enough), another special of pulled pork (served in the same sauce as the clams; worked better with the clams and had to dig around to find the tiny bits of highly touted crisp skin). I ordered a ginger margarita, which was pretty weak and not very gingery. My friends had the sangria, which they said wasn’t as good as the sangria they’d had in a Greek restaurant the night before.

                    If it were around the corner from me, I’d probably go back and narrow down the menu to to a few favorites. But it’s about 30 blocks away and I’m in no hurry to return.

                  2. by all means skip grom. go to screme instead on broadway near 69th. small, hole in the wall place. very expensive but the gelato is amazing and puts grom to shame on countless levels. it's closest to what i've tasted in sorrento among all other local gelato places i've tried. they will seriously give you nonstop sample from the moment you walk in and they won't stop. grandaisy is definitely a must try. oh, and if you like dumplings, try the pork fried dumplings at china fun (columbus and 72nd). after doing two chinatown dumpling tours as well as tasting dumplings throughout the city, somehow these are my favorite.