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Nov 30, 2009 05:45 PM

Good Family Style Dinner at Chef Hung's in SF Chinatown

We had a very tasty dinner at Chef Hung's in Chinatown recently. It was packed with families and a large group of elderly gentlemen ( 3 tables worth ). Instead of a set menu we went with some family favorites ....... most of the dishes we ordered as one and a half sized servings. Yes, not double sized - one and a half. The steamed pork was a large portion already so it wasn't necessary to increase the order. Our waitress gave us some guidance in which dishes to upsize.
We started with the complementary house soup - a chicken feet/herb soup that had a rich chicken flavor. Some of the dishes we ordered ....... lamb and bean curd claypot, walnut prawns, beef stew with radishes, a choy with garlic, steamed pork & salted fish, steamed chicken / mushrooms. The dinner ended with some complementary red bean soup.

The bill came to $89 for 9 adults - and there was food left over. The dishes were generally well seasoned and well prepared. The steamed pork hash was particularly well done ..... the pork was almost fluffy and there was a lot of juice in the dish ....... enough to season many bowls of rice. The beef stew was cooked long enough to be tender and there was some tendon mixed in with the meat. Good meal all in all. Look forward to returning again.

Here are some images ......

Chef Hung's
823 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94108

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  1. Two more photos ......

    1. Thanks Gordon for your report. Looks great! Did you notice if they have any oxtail dishes?

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        One of the clay pots is Ox Tail with bean curd $8.95. You could ask about another preparation as well ....... since they already have the ox tail.

      2. Chef Hung's steamed pork&salted fish is one of the best I've had. Really smooth.

        1. We went to Chef Hung's in SF Chinatown for dinner Sat 1/23/10.

          We got:
          FREE hot tea - ok

          Snow peas, mushroom & water chestnuts $8.95 - B. liked it, I thought it was just ok. Lots of mushrooms from a can.

          Fu Kien style fried rice $7.25 - It's goopy sauce w/ tiny scallops, egg, mushrooms over fried rice. We liked it.

          big pea sprouts w/ garlic $11.95 I didn't ask the price - yikes. It was tasty though.

          oxtail w/ bean curd in clay pot $8.95 - tasty oxtail, but not tender enough. Good sauce.

          Saw fish tanks - didn't get any fresh fish/crab.

          $37.10 + $3.55 tax = $40.65 before tip for 4 dishes & lots of leftovers. Credit cards taken over $15. Fortune cookies given w/ bill.

          Bathrooms: Separate upstairs.

          Tip: If you want a cheap dinner you can get anything from the Lunch Special menu for an additional 50c. That's so cool. Lunch hrs 11-5pm daily and range from 6-6.95.

          Recommended if you want cheap Chinese food in SF Chinatown. Thanks Gordon!

          My pics:

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            Our last dinner there a few weeks ago was only OK - not as good as the above report. Very nice waitress but the kitchen was off of their game that night. Consistency - the holy grail.

            1. re: gordon wing

              We ate there last summer. We ordered Yim Yon tawng , a cantonese dish my late mother use to make. Didn't try anything listed in the above reports. I'll try something when I'm visiting SF this summer

              1. re: joisey al

                I went to CH last month and our group ordered the 10-person Set Menu (Wo Choy) for $128 or $138, I think. I think that's a pretty good deal considering the huge portions. Everybody enjoyed it and there was still enough leftovers to take home. However, I totally forgot what came to the table.