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Nov 30, 2009 05:27 PM

Best New Haven restaurant

Looking for a great gourmet meal ...french or something interesting

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  1. Well, Union League Cafe has always been the touchstone of gallic food in New Haven. If you are willing to consider other cuisines, Ibiza, Zinc and L'Orcio are certainly worth a mention. And not too far away, Le Petit Cafe in Branford has a highly rated French menu and a devoted following. And a half-hour to the east, Cafe Routier in Westbrook has a three-part menu (one section of which is usually French or continental).

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      What Shirer said. He seems to know his stuff. I've added him to my reading list.
      You said interesting. Foster's with their wild game and creative menus would qualify. I've been there before and was wowed.
      Barcelona is also pretty cool/unique.

    2. Union League Cafe is you best bet for french, excellent food, great service, old school classy.

      Ibiza is spanish, also very good.
      and for interesting, it would be hard to beat Thali, great high-end indian food with lots of regional specialties that you don't find on typical indian menus in the US.

      1. Routier in Westbrook.
        L&E in Chester

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          Just went to Ibiza last night and it was one of the best meals ever! The service was top notch too. I had the salmon with mushrooms, potatoes, bacon, and a creamy sauce that was soooo good I almost licked the plate!

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            Er, Westbrook and Chester are FAR from New Haven, a long haul on 95. You might as well go to New York.