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Nov 30, 2009 04:52 PM

Non Chocolate Mousse's

I just mastered a meyer lemon mousse, and was thinking of pairing it with a chai tea mousse and nut tuilles in some sort of napoleon. Would this taste good? Does anyone have a recipe for a tea mousse that doesn't involve powder? Could I just steep a whole bunch of chai bags, cook it down a little and use it like i would the lemon mousse?

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  1. just my opinion, but i'd let the lemon mousse stand on its own. chai + lemon doesn't *quite* work for me - even though meyers are sweeter and more floral than standard lemons, i'd prefer orange or tangerine for a citrus pairing with chai. but as far as the tuiles are concerned, almond would be a nice complement to the lemon mousse.

    if you want to use chai spice in a mousse, i'd do it with pumpkin, ginger, or white chocolate. for the record, you can just grind/blend your own chai spice mix, unless you actually want the black tea flavor in the mousse - i wasn't sure if that's what you're looking for.

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      i don't think the OP was suggesting she'd add the chai to her lemon mousse... i thought she was asking if she could apply the tea to the concept...

      1. re: Emme

        ack! i knew it! making a chai tea and lemon mousse napoleon is a girly thing to do. i'm a dude!

        yeah, so i was thinking of having one layer be meyer lemon mousse, then another layer be chai tea, and then a tuille on top. i thought the lemon mousse might not be interesting enough. maybe just a black tea mousse instead of chai?

        1. re: Rosiepigs

          LOL! it's not girly, it's just...delicate ;)

          if you're open to a different pairing idea, dark chocolate works beautifully with meyers...or if you want to enhance the floral notes in the lemon, try pairing it with a cardamom mousse. but those are just my personal preferences - if you're really keen on the black tea idea, go for it. you should make whatever appeals to *your* palate...and as jannie said, you can absolutely just steep the the tea bags in either the cream or water to get the flavor.

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            SO sorry! i assumed from your moniker "rosie" was your name... my sincerest apologies.

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              no problem Emme! I've had the nickname Rosie so long I don't even think of it as a girl's name anymore!

      2. you certainly can steep tea in the cream you will use for the mousse. If it's a gelatin-stabilized mousse with water as an ingredient, just steep in the water you'll use for the recipe, making it extra strong to account for the flavor dilution that will result from the added cream.