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Nov 30, 2009 04:35 PM

Delarosa on Chestnut - review

My husband and I dined at the new Delarosa restaurant on Chestnut in the Marina last night. It is the new venture by the owners of Beretta and Starbelly. Their schtick is "rustic Italian specialty dishes, eclectic beers, and craft cocktails". While I didn't imbibe in the beers or cocktails, they certainly had a nice list and they looked delicious. The space is on the industrial side, but didn't feel too cold. It was pretty full at 6:30 last night but wasn't too noisy - might have been the crowd or the acoustics. Not sure but it was pleasant. Another item of note - I called ahead to see what the wait is (it only opened on Saturday) and she offered to put our name on the wait list, where it would remain for 1/2 hour or so. I thought that was very nice. The bar has seating for about 12 (open seating), there is one long communal bar height table (which is where we sat) and the rest of the restaurant is tables for 4 in various configurations (some separate, some put together as communal/bigger tables).

The menu is comprised of appetizers (fritti and antipasti), salads, pizza, pastas and spiedini (skewers). We were there for the pizza (touted as Roman style), but we did try one appetizer as well - the patatine fritti: homemade potato chips with a gorgonzola dipping sauce. The chips were very good, crisp but not too overdone. The gorgonzola sauce was good but not great. We did see some other items that looked good like some of the salads and the mozzarella in carozza - mozzarella sticks. They also came with the gorgonzola sauce.

As for the pizza, we really liked it! It was a thin crust with a nice chew and well seasoned. We got the margherita ($11) with burrata (+$3) and sausage (+$3). I loved the tomato sauce! It was on the thicker side, with nice bits of tomato and you could see the spices. The burrata was nice and creamy - a great item on the pizza. The sausage was pretty spicy, which we loved. Our only complaint about the pizza was that the crust was a bit more charred than we would have liked. There weren't any accoutrements on the tables (salt, red pepper, parm) but since I saw them on another table, I assume they are available if you ask. We didn't and really didn't find we needed anything but it would be nice if they asked you when they brought out the pizza.

My husband had a nice glass of Sangiovese wine ($8). The list was nice and reasonable. I had lemonade ($4) which I wouldn't get again - it is homemade but it was very watery, with little taste and hardly any sweetening, if any.

We will definitely be returning. I think it will do very well in that neighborhood. I believe they start lunch service/regular hours (listed below) next week. Here is the info (no link available):


2175 Chestnut Street (at Pierce)
San Francisco, CA, 94123
Mon - Sun:
11:30 am - 1:00 am

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  1. They're reporedly billing the pizza as Roman-style, so it better be charred.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Well, if very charred is Roman, then that it is!

      1. re: meggie t

        Yeah, the Roman ideal is super-thin crust, practically like a matzoh, cooked "scotto" (scorched). Here's a photo:

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Nothing Roman-style about the pizza, the crust's not that thin, the oven's not that hot, there's too much sauce, and the crust I got wasn't that crisp. That said, it was quite good, not quite as good as Delfina's but similar.

        Deep-fried Brussels sprouts were good. Due to some confusion in the kitchen there was an extra order of the fresh beignets so I got to try one, delicious and not too sweet but not really what I want after pizza.

        Great selection of draft beers and wines by the glass, interesting cocktails. Place was packed by the time I left, these people really have their formula down.

        The online sample menu says 14% will be added to the bill for Healthy San Francisco, but they didn't add anything to my check.

        Great neighborhood place, but don't go out of your way hoping for pizza a la Baffetto.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I see the 14% but isn't that a little high? Perhaps a misprint. Aren't most other places charging about 4%?

          1. re: wolfe

            Maybe it's a typo and they meant 1% or 1.4% or 4%. In any case, yesterday it was 0%.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              They charged 4% this weekend. Pizza wasn't charred. Food was decent and should do well given its location. Place was already packed around 6:30pm or so on the weekend.

              Pictures here:

        2. I too enjoyed this place today for lunch. Really liked the food.

          A friend and I tried the mushroom pizza. The crust was good, I only wish it were charred more/crispier at the center bottom. It would hold the sauce and toppings better.

          Tried the eggplant caponata with burrata-- and it was delicious. Not too vinegary which I often find. We also had the meatballs antipasti. Lunch for 2 came to $37, two ice teas, 2 antipasti and a pizza. The service was also very good.

          Nice option!!