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Nov 30, 2009 04:27 PM

Where could I find Peach palm fruit (Pixbae) and Soursop in DC area stores?

I have been to Grandmart, Great Wall Market.. the Latin Stores just sell it in bottle and it's with some kind of sweet juice and I can't use it like that since i will make a savory dish and also ceviche. (it looks like this


If anyone knows where I could buy this I promise to share some Rambutan the next time my parents bring me some =D or would share some Tamales I will be making for Xmas =)


Also Soursop? anyone? =( I miss so much those two fruits.

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  1. I have never seen fresh soursop for sale anywhere in the US. Please let me know if you are aware of any place that has it. I'm pretty sure it is not allowed as everywhere relies on frozen soursop pulp. The frozen pulp is widely available, but Latin markets seem to run out of it, so it's kinda pot luck.

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      I don't know how my mom hasn't got caught yet btu everytime she comes she brings me Rambutan (mamon chino), Peach Palm Fruit (pixbae) and Soursop (guanabana) , I feel so lucky everytime she brings it, because when I travel to Panama is never usually on season.

      I will keep looking and looking... I promise if I get some in December to perhaps have a Chowhounders DC area meeting to share with whoever is interested in trying =)

      I wish I also had a bigger kitchen to invite over my place and ask for help to make Panamanian Tamales, we use what we call (old corn)... it's really good I swear.

      This weekend I'm moving to Courthouse area so I will be a little further from Eden Center and all these Latin Markets =( but I will still drive from time to check what they have.

      I was surprised to find they even had Culantro.... when you use if with Guandu (gandules) it's very good to make it with rice as well... so much so much I miss Panama =(

    2. I believe I 've seen them in Vietnamese markets at Falls Church, there's a Vietnamese Mall, with a market & even in some of the bakeries , definetely soursop ( may be seasonal though), not sure of Peach Palm fruit

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        I live right near Eden Center and I've never seen fresh soursop. If you see any, please post about it!

        1. re: Steve

          Steve, I don't live in the area, but visited few times past 2 yrs, that's why I said ----I believe ---i've seen them. I was very excited when I saw it, but too many things to eat, so I did not buy any, may be I was wrong.

          1. re: queeny

            I am under the impression that they cannot be imported fresh into the US, and that nobody is growing them commercially here. I'm from Miami, and I have scoured the markets there when I go to visit my family. When I ask about soursop (aka guanabana), they just laugh and shake their head.

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              Whole Foods on P St occasionally carries cherimoyas (, which are closely related to soursops- I don't know how close the taste is, though. I've never seen peach palm fruit.

      2. The original comment has been removed