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Nov 30, 2009 04:07 PM

New Year's Eve in RI?

I'm looking for a good spot to go out with a handful of friends on New Year's. We want to get dressed up, have some fabulous food, and hopefully dance.

... We're in RI, but are willing to go up to Boston and down to Mystic.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

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  1. Dancing to live music seems to have become a scarcity in RI. A few years back, there were many places to choose between. Combining good food, live music & ample dance floor is even more challenging. Depending on your musical tastes / dancing style, Johnson & Wales puts on an excellent New Years eve (!sys!sec!res/...), but the dance areas are small and it doesn't appear they have live music this year. Their food should be excellent.

    If money is no object (or you don't mind the drive back), The Cartells are playing at the Old Saybrook Inn in CT -

    Luciano's - Lake Pearl in Wrentham should provide an elegant atmosphere, excellent food & excellent dance floor, but the music will likely be DJ & the type being played this year is unknown.

    We've decided to skip the dancing this year & intend to try the Newport Playhouse & Cabaret - being a buffet, the food is not likely to be great, but for the price, it should be a fun evening.

    1. Local 121 might be a good bet. Decent upscale food and depending on the night, two dancing options - upstairs in the taproom and downstairs in the speakeasy. Nothing specific posted about NYE on their site yet.

      1. 1149 in either Seekonk Ma. or in Warwick is a good bet he has live bands large dance floor the best for the buck.Some of these places here not really worth the drive.

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          May want to confirm the dance floor size. From what i recall, it's a "postage stamp" size.

        2. The Cooke House in Newport (Clarke Cooke House) - is always full for New Years, there is dancing, down in the Boom Boom room and I think they may also bring in a band later in teh evening upstairs - you will most definitely need reservations!

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