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Nov 30, 2009 04:00 PM

where to go for mussels in t.o.

someone recommended beer bistro - am wondering if anyone else has suggestions.

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    1. re: insideman

      OMG the sweet baby mussels at Starfish (Patrick imports them from Ireland) are so delicious, especially with his frites.

      1. re: bogie

        Second Starfish! If available, Zee Grill's is also very good.

    2. Tuesday evenings, the Banknote at Bathurst and King has a mussel special ... two pounds for $6.95. A great deal.

      1. I like the Fat Belgian. Moules & Frites are awesmoe.

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        1. re: trane

          I was served bad mussels once at the Fat Belgian. The worst is that they wouldn't even admit it or replace them. Haven't been back since.

        2. I had great mussels in both Rodney's by Bay and Starfish. The one at the Fat Belgian is ok, but didn't taste as fresh as the other two places. BTW, the mussels at Rodney's are from PEI, if the origin matters to you.

          1. For really 'GREAT' mussels, get some 'Fresh New Zealand Green Mussels' from Diana's and steamed them at home! So, plump, sweet and chewy, its amazing! Not cheap though! 12 for around $5.

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              1. re: callitasicit

                Diana's seafood is at 2101 Lawrence East ( Midland )

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  I loved my mussels at BeerBistro. I had the diablo. I tasted a friend's choice as well (shallots, garlic, cream and lemon) and they were equally tasty.

                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                    I digress but .....wouldn't it be nice to have Cafe Brussells back for one last mussel extravaganza!