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Nov 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Wine delivery in Toronto

I'm from the US and don't know how your alcohol laws work (although I can spell LCBO), but I would like to arrange to have a couple of bottles of wine delivered as an unannounced gift to somebody in Toronto. Is this possible? Whom should I contact?

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  1. Don't even get me started on our alcohol laws! I would call the LCBO directly if you want to arrange for the bottles to be wrapped. Delivery service for single bottles (less than a case) can be arranged with

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    1. re: chef_vegabond

      Try this:
      It's the online LCBO store. I've never used it personally, but I hope it helps!

      1. re: cheapncheerful

        That only delivers to an LCBO store (as do all phone orders e.g. from Classics Catalogue).
        But the store will call you for pickup, although you're 'supposed' to have the credit card available for inspection that was used for purchase.

        1. re: estufarian

          Not only do they just only deliver to their own stores, but you have to allow 6-8 weeks for the delivery! Yes, it takes LCBO 6 weeks to deliver from their warehouse to their own store, but I can go online and order a bottle of wine from a retailer in LA and have it delivered to NY to arrive next day. LCBO online sucks!

    2. The question depends on whether you have a specific wine in mind I guess. Any Ontario winery would be happy to send their wine to Ontario residents for you. If you are looking to get non-Ontario wine, I only know of this website:

      The liquor law in Ontario is very restrictive. I don't know all the details but basically unless the vendor is in Ontario, you won't be able to get anything shipped to Ontario.

      1. You can buy any Ontario wine direct from the winery and have it delivered.

        1. Concierge services that will find you tickets, make personalized baskets, etc, can be very helpful for this. If you want to send wine though, you'll need to have a good relationship with them. A random call-up from outside of the county will not be able to get it done.

          You can send cases through an agent such as Lifford, where you can access wines not available through the LCBO. They're not allowed to sell individual bottles, and they almost assuredly won't since they then have most of a case to unload in questionable circumstances.

          Best idea is to use some contacts you have in Toronto to assemble the gift. Our laws are horrible.

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          1. re: preppycuisine

            Agents by law may not sell less than a case at a time.
            Sometimes expensive wines come in 6 bottle cases.
            They normally deliver for a fee.

          2. Try calling a place called "Halpern Wine"

            They may be able to help