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Nov 30, 2009 03:51 PM

Le Creuset 10' or 12' skillet?

I got my first piece of Le Creuset last Christmas, the 7.25 qt dutch oven and am in love. Looking to add the skillet to my Xmas list this year but not sure what size to get, 10" or 12". I cook for three. Any suggestions? What do you cook in your skillet?

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  1. ECI aside, I have a 10" skillet and I think it's rather useless. It's too big for my morning eggs and too small for a meal for 2. So....I'd go with the 12".

    1. I agree with E_M--for your first skillet, the 12" (think it's actually 11-3/4").

      I also have a 9 LC skillet and use them both all the time. But I bought the 12" first, thinking that if I only had one, that would be more versatile. That worked well for me until I got the 9" for smaller jobs.

      I've used the 12" to cook larger entrees, such cut-up chickens or small roasts with roasted veggies,when the kids are eating with us, but I've also done two to three chicken breasts in it when some of the kids were out. I've used it to roast tomatoes prior to making sauce. I use it to saute greens that need a big pan before they wilt down and for pasta tosses with pan made sauces, after having boiled the pasta separately. I've done a couple of baked goods in the 12", too--for example, a breakfast quick bread and a savory rustic quick bread for dinner when I needed a larger size.