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Nov 30, 2009 03:32 PM

need rec. for fun, interactive client dinner

We need recommendations for a fun, preferably interactive client holiday dinner -- thinking of something like Korean BBQ, shabu-shabu, etc. (we're open to other ideas -- nothing else quickly comes to mind). Location is downtown / mid-Wilshire / out to the ocean. Price range approx. $40-60 (food) per person. I've been to great hole-in-the-wall places in Koreatown, but we need better decor and ambience (not too noisy) for a client function. There will be about 6 people total. Thanks, LA Hounds, for any ideas you have!

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  1. There are some high-end Korean BBQ options in BH/WeHo area: Jian and Woo Lae Oak, both of them had low noise level when I was there, and I liked the food.

    Thousand Cranes in downtown LA also has good (tho expensive) shabu shabu. Maybe check out Kagaya that's recently reviewed by Exile Kiss? Haven't been myself.

    1. How about Teppan-yaki at the Garden Grill at the Kyoto Grand Hotel.

      Or maybe try the Tempura Bar at Thousand Cranes, also at the Kyoto Grand Hotel.