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Nov 30, 2009 03:17 PM

Help! Need restaurant open Christmas Day in Chester County PA

The parental units want to go out for dinner this year on Christmas. They are quite elderly and can't drive too far from their home near Exton in Chester County PA. Does anyone know of
any decent restaurants that may be serving on Christmas?

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  1. Offhand, I'd suggest trying any Indian restaurants that may exist there.

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      The Radnor Hotel serves a holiday buffet on Christmas Day....very elegant and classy and wonderful food

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        Folks very traditional, prefer basic American Christmas dinner stuff.
        Thanks anyway.

      2. try going to open table and putting in the date and approximate time you want to go. If a restaurant shows availability then you know they are open!

        1. If the Radnor Hotel is too far for them, the Inn at Chester Springs in Exton has a restaurant (Arthur's) that may be open on Christmas Day. My wife and I have stopped there for lunch a couple of times when heading west on the turnpike and it was pretty good. We have never had dinner there, so I can't comment on a big meal. I am operating under the assumption that they would not be interested in Chinese, Indian, or Thai for Christmas.

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            You assume correctly! Chester Springs sounds perfect, I'll check it out.