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Nov 30, 2009 02:41 PM

Sweet Arleen's in Westlake Village - opened this morning.

Sweet Arleen's in Westlake Village opened its doors this morning.
Her specialty is cupcakes and bread puddings.
The case was filled with about 10 different kinds of cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter, banana something, strawberry) and about the same number of bread puddings (apple cinnamon, blueberry white chocolate, and others that I can not remember). She will offer a lemon cupcake, but that was not available today.

Arleen was present with a huge smile and eager to explain everything. She said the cupcake frosting was a meringue-type. I didn't take a sample, although others who did were raving about the strawberry cupcake with fresh berries.

My posting is premature because I have not yet tried anything. Perhaps someone else will taste and post their opinions.

Sweet Arleen's
960 South Westlake Boulevard - Suite #4
Westlake Village

Her shop is at the end of the strip with Jack's Deli, Jack's shoe store and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It is a couple of driveways from Gelson's.

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  1. Tonight we tried the chocolate marshmallow and the red velvet cupcakes. The cake of both was dry; the cake of the red velvet was especially dry and tasteless. The cake doesn't compare to Auntie Em's. The chocolate cupcake reminded me of a stale Hostess cupcake.

    The frosting was a different story...REALLY good! The chocolate frosting on the marshmallow cupcake (truly, it looks like a Hostess product) had a good, chocolate taste. I would have liked a tad more on top. The white frosting on the red velvet cupcake was divine. Arleen, the owner, said it was a meringue frosting, but it surely tasted like a butter or cream cheese frosting...very rich and delicious.

    It is with the frostings that Sweet Arleen's excels. Next time I'll order a bowl and leave the cake in the shop. However, since they just opened this morning, I will give them some time to listen to their customers. It very well might be that the dry cake is a result of the first day's anticipation...maybe setting out their product too early to be ready for the doors to open.

    I am very curious to read other Hounds' reports.

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      I do not agree with your review about Sweet Arleen's cupcakes. I think that the cake in their cupcakes is just as excellent as the frosting. I've been going to this cupcake shop almost weekly since they have opened and can definitely say that although they may have had a couple problems during their first week open, they have worked them out. Sweet Arleen's is my favorite place to go when i need something sweet:) I can say that my favorite cupcakes are the Red Velvet and the Lemon Lace, but they are all so moist and delectable. And dont even get me started on the bread puddings! PHENOMENAL!! If you havent been to Sweet Arleen's I highly recommend you do so!

    2. I just tried Sweet Arleen's and was rather disappointed. Everything certainly looks delicious in the case. I settled on something they described as French Toast. They even explained how to heat it up and provided syrup to pour over it. I followed their instructions exactly. It was definitely reminiscent of French Toast, and with the warm with maple syrup it wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn’t good. I felt it was too dry and dense, and the nuts tasted a bit stale. Actually, if it weren’t for the warm maple syrup, I would have probably thrown it out. I would normally give Sweet Arleen's another shot, but at the prices they charge I doubt I will.

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      1. re: creamfinger

        Thanks for posting your experience, creamfinger. It is, indeed, similar to mine.

        I'm not looking for calories (usually they just come to me!), so I am not anxious to return to Sweet Arleen's based on my initial tastings and your very credible post.