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Nov 30, 2009 02:07 PM

Review: Sona's 7th Anniversary Menu

Longer review + photos here:

Been meaning to write a review on CH for this but now that they have extended the promo until December, I thought I'd let everyone know about it.

November marks the 7 year anniversary of Sona Restaurant. For the 7th anniversary, the special menu is set. But it's a steal at 7 courses for $77

A variety of bread including Parmesan bread sticks, black tea bread, olive focaccia and ciabatta.

Amuse bouche- Pumpkin creme brulee was absolutely delicious

#1. Hamachi with edamame puree, spicy grapefruit, preserved turmeric
There were quite a few pieces of fresh fish. The spice from the turmeric was a nice contrast to the mild tasting fish

#2. Tahitian squash soup with chai foam, anago, pearl tapioca
The soup was poured table side and it smelt amazing. The consistency of the soup was smooth and it was well seasoned and served warm. I really enjoyed the piece of deep fried eel in the center of the bowl.

#3 Maine lobster risotto with shellfish emulsion, kaffir lime leaf
One of Sona'a signature dish and I can see why. The dish was bursting with seafood flavors, the rice was perfectly cooked and the lobster was plump.

#4 Roasted duck with wasabi, eggplant puree, celery root-shiso salad
The duck was perfectly cooked at medium rare. It was tender and came with three generous pieces. The skin was crispy with a hint of salt. I didn't care for the puree of eggplant which was a bit too smokey but the thin slices of eggplant underneath was fine.

#5 Red wine braised short rib with cardamom boniato puree, mitsuba
The short ribs were fork tender and hearty. The puree was lovely as well.

#6 Baba with quince, pear, grains of paradise sabayon
This was perhaps the most underwhelming dish of the night. The baba rum seemed a little stale and was a bit too sweet for my taste

#7 Chocolate beignets, pumpkin confit, cinnamon ice cream
This dessert totally made up for the last. I loved the beignets especially the deep fried tip which crumbled in my mouth. When you broke the beignet, it oozed of warm chocolate.

Mignardises: Fennel gelee, raspberry marzipan, pink peppercorn macaron, hazelnut crisp, chocolate mousse

The 7 course tasting menu was outstanding. There were so many highlights such as the lobster risotto, the soup and the duck. The food was well executed and almost every dish had amazing flavors. The service was also first-rate. Although the restaurant is a fine-dining establishment, the service wasn't snooty. In fact, it was very welcoming. The hostess was hospitable, the manager was attentive, the waiters were friendly and presented each dish, and the Sommelier Mark Mendoza was spot on with his wine selections. The service was also brisk and there was barely a gap in between courses. In addition, 7 courses was just right. It did not leave us unsatisfied, nor did it leave us painfully uncomfortable.

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  1. Sounds interesting. You mentioned that the service was brisk and hardly any gaps between courses which is something I really don't like because you feel rushed (and we from time to time mention this to a waiter at the beginning of a tasting menu whne they are too fast (e.g. two weeks ago at Spago). I am curious how long was the tasting menu ? (For a good 7-course tasting menu I would at least expect >3.5 hours).

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    1. re: honkman

      I believe it was about 3 hrs. Yes normally I'd like to sit for about 4 hrs for a 7 course, but it was a weeknight so I was glad to get home at a decent time. But then again, it could be because I am a pretty fast eater, and I made sure to have a light lunch so that i would be starved for dinner :)

      1. re: stuffycheaks

        How is that possible? Don't most kitchens in LA close at the latest 10?

        1. re: cls

          Thats true cls. sometimes they'll stay open just a tad after 10pm especially if you are doing the tasting menu. I recall when I went to Ortolan, we started at 6.30 and stayed past 10pm. Long meal but it was 11 courses and worth every second and penny :)

    2. I guess, then, that the rumors of its demise are premature...

      1. Thanks for the great review! You mentioned on your blog that the 7-course anniversary promotion is only going on for a couple more you know the exact end date? I couldn't find any mention of the anniversary promotion on Sona's website.

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        1. re: Nicole

          One more question. I had read that Sona is dressier than many other fine dining restaurants in L.A.. My husband hates to dress up (thankfully this isn't a problem in most L.A. restaurants)...could he get away with wearing, say, khakis and a button down shirt?

          1. re: Nicole

            there were a couple men with jackets and blazers, but I did see some that wore shirt and pants, albeit not khakis.. You might want to call to check. They didn't seem TOO stuffy so they may accomodate

          2. re: Nicole

            Hi Nicole, I heard it got extended through December, so you still have a couple mroe weeks!