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Nov 30, 2009 01:36 PM

Middle eastern markets around Providence?

I think the colder weather makes me want food from warm climates, and I'm craving middle eastern food. I've been to Hallak on Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence, and just noticed Helen's Bakery on Charles St. in North Providence. Are there other places to explore?

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  1. Baroudi's
    540 Chalkstone Avenue
    (401) 274-0899
    pita made in house

    Sonia's Near East Market and Deli
    816 Park Avenue
    (401) 941-9300

    Middle Eastern Market
    Reservoir Avenue

    if you don't mind traveling a bit, say about 35 miles north there's

    Cedar Market
    13 Cottage Street East
    (781) 769-8855

    Saab's Mediterranean Market
    1001 Providence Highway (next to Job Lot

    both offer a wide selection of freshly prepared foods, halal meats and pantry items
    better than any place you'll find in providence
    I highly recommend Cedar but usually visit both when in the area
    well worth the trip from providence

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    1. re: theparegorickid

      If Baroudi's is the place at the corner of Smith and Chalkstone, it has been closed for a while.

      1. re: Frobisher

        yes, it is (was)
        thanks for the update
        haven't been there for a while

      2. re: theparegorickid

        Thanks! I knew Baroudi's was closed, and I heard Sonia's was closed too. I'll have to look for the Middle Eastern Market, and Cedar's sounds promising. Thanks!

        Oh, I should correct my own spelling: Helen's is actually Hellen.

      3. Bahnan"s Market
        344 Pleasant Street
        Worcester Ma

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          1. re: trufflehound

            Halak Middle Eastern Market on Mineral Spring is good, but no halal meats. Good falafel and kibbeh on Wednesdays and Fridays.

            Jerusalem Market on Rolfe Square has fresh lamb cut as requested, comes in every Thursday afternoon, halal, and other middle eastern goods, smaller than Hallak on mineral spring.

              1. re: awurrlu

                In Cranston. Off of Park Ave, near Cranston HS East.

        1. Oasis on Broad Street (at Summer Street) in Providence is a Middle Eastern restaurant with a take out window and small market in the back. My first few visits were very positive.

          1. Although not in Providence, if you are like me, you use these posts for ideas around you. Saed's is a great middle eastern market in New London, CT on Ocean Avenue, just south of L&M Hospital. Also, a new middle eastern deli and restaurant (The Pita Spot) opened recently on the Stonington side of Mystic, CT on Route 1 near Mystic Market (another great food and prepared food store!!). I haven't been to The Pita Spot, friends have said it has a great decore and good food.

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            1. re: Otto of Ledyard

              So, I suppose I should have waited to make the above post, but I went to The Pita Spot tonight for dinner. Excellent middle eastern food!! I had the combination schwarma (chicken and lamb) and it was fantastic! Very tender, on a bed of rice, with a choice of sauces...I had the garlic sauce which wasn't easy on the garlic. My wife had the Kibbe which was very tasty, with a stronger hint of cinnamon than others I have had and was very enjoyable. The Pita Spot is BYOB (with an easy $3 corkage fee) and very beautiful. If you are looking for good middle eastern/greek food, I strongly recommend it! Great desserts, too!

              1. re: Otto of Ledyard

                That sounds great! Will have to try it next time I'm in that area.

            2. The Middle Eastern Market on Reservoir Ave is closed. It's now a Japanese market.

              @ awurrlu: Rolfe Square is the intersection on Park Ave across from the Cranston Town Hall (about 2 blocks east of Reservoir ave).

              And I can also recommend Sam's Bakery on Flint Street in Fall River. Tiny little place, but they make the best fresh pitas, spinach and feta pies, and meat pies (all on pitas from their brick oven). Also a fridge with nice cheeses, and a shelf of Lebanese spices, olive oil, grape leaves etc. They are closed on Mondays, and open every other day from 5am to 1:30pm.

              Thanks for the tips on the stores in Norwood. I am definitely going to check those out.