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Nov 30, 2009 12:29 PM

Deals like Sunday Supper at Dovetail

Hi All,

I'm looking to take my Aunt and Uncle out to dinner as an xmas gift and was hoping to find a good rec. I took them out to Dovetail for Sunday supper for a celebratory/thank you dinner earlier this year and they loved it.

I was looking for something similar that has a prix fixe for $40-60 a person like dovetail. I'm hoping to keep the bill for 3 under $200 including tax and tip. We're not big drinkers so it's mostly just food. Preferably something uptown as I'm on the UWS and they are comign across the GW.

Preferably a sunday night meal? I know convivio has a $59 pre fixe...any thing else?


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  1. I know that the newly Micheline starred Marc Forgione in Tribeca has a great Sunday Supper. Its $35 dollars for an appetizer, entree and dessert - they usually give you an amuse as well. Considering on other nights they have entrees that run $32, its not a bad deal.

    I've yet to go but, I've also heard that The Harrison has a pretty solid Sunday Supper.

    Either way, I hope it goes well!

    1. Bar Blanc offers a $35 3-course menu on Sunday, with 5 choices for each course. Excellent food. Compass has a $35 3-course prix-fixe every day, in addition to the a la carte menu. The choices are limited (3 per course) but the style and quality are very similar to Dovetail and if the dishes on the prix-fixe appeal to you it is a very good deal. I would choose Convivio over any of these, though.

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        Thanks for all the suggestions!! So far it looks like I might have to stick to Convivio so far.

        How's the 4 course tasting at Telepan? For $55, it sounds like a good deal!

      2. I believe Bar Bao has a $29 Sunday special, but that may have been discontinued.

        1. Sunday Supper at Public is pretty great. 5 courses for $45, although be forewarned that none of these courses are on the menu and many of them are trial items, so it could be hit or miss. i thought it was great, though.

          1. Perry St (further downtown, but on the west side at least) has a $38 prix fixe early/late. Not tons of choices, but very nice space and Jean Georges food.