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Nov 30, 2009 12:16 PM

Manchester Village Recommendations

Two couples traveling to Manchester Village for 3 days this weekend including Monday. Any recs appreciated. Probably one fine dining night, but looking for pubs goods breakfast as well. All foods considered, not vegetarian. Thanks.

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  1. For fine dining I would suggest driving 6 miles to Dorset to the Inn at West View Farm.

    In Manchester The Little Rooster is your best bet for breakfast their lunch is good as well. Bistro Henry is a good place for dinner, check the newsguide he usually has some special menus during this time of year.

    Good luck.

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      I have to second the recommendation for the Inn at West View Farm. I live in the area, and it's our favorite high end restaurant around. Fine dining in the main dining room is exquisite, or try the small Asian plates menu in the tavern. Quiet, unpretentious atmosphere, gracious hosts, excellent wine list.

    2. We do Manchester about 6 times per year.
      I don't know the Dorset Inn that Johnnycake mentioned.
      We usually do the Chanticleer in Manchester for great food,great service ,and a nice bar.
      This is a good fine ding recc.
      We usually eat at the bar and we like being treated like a "regular" and talking to the owners(who are always around).
      For breakfast we usually do "Up For Breakfast" on Main street(an upsstairs location).
      Their turkey hash and specials are usually really great but there have been some pretty bad posts about the place lately.
      Punch in their name in the search option here and read the posts.
      You can't go wrong at the Little Rooster however.
      Mulligan's is good also if you like a bar/pub atmosphere with the usual great wings,burgers,ect.
      I love their smoked wings myself.
      Have fun!

      1. Lots of posts about Manchester restaurants on this board, so without going into too much detail, try The Lawyer & the Baker for a casual lunch.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I will report back next week and let you know where we ended up.

          1. Just returned from great trip to Manchester. Stayed at the Equinox. Beautiful place in a gorgeous town. On to the food. Lunch day 1 at Sherry's. Nothing special but it was fine. Very good curry chicken chowder. Also a nice grilled veggie medley on foccacia. Dinner at Marsh's Tavern in Equinox. Both women had the Maple Plank Salmon. My buddy had the pork chops and I had the NY Strip Steak. Overall excellent meal including the accompaniments. I was a little worried about this place because of it being in a large hotel, but it was very good. Both mornings we had breakfast at Up for Breakfast. Wow! This place was amazing. Everything from the hash to Lingonberry Batards and the Smoked Salmon w/ Dill Sauce Omelets we simply delicious. Second dinner was at Candeleros, mexican. Good meal, nothing to go crazy about. Thanks for all the recommendations, we had a great time. Can' wait to go back.