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Nov 30, 2009 12:14 PM

Dinner between Jackson NJ and Yardley PA

We are having dinner with some friends who live in Jackson, NJ in a few weeks. We were thinking of someplace in between there and where we live in Bucks County PA. It seems that Princeton is a good choice as far as location goes but I don't know anything about the area beyond Princeton toward Jackson. So far we are thinking Ratz in Hamilton or someplace in downtown princeton where we haven't been yet. So that eliminates Mediterra and Theresa's. Other places that are possible but probably too far for them are Hamilton Grill in Lambertville and Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell.

We are looking for something nice - not too casual, not too stuffy. real limits on types of food. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. If Princeton is an option try La Mezzaluna. It's a BYOB. For a Fri-Sat-Sun night I'd suggest a reservation.

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      Thanks for the reply, jerseybill. If it was just my husband and me, we would go for it since we love BYOB and I have seen other positive recommendations for La Mezzaluna. But I believe the other couple likes a pre-dinner martini. Any other suggestions? It doesn't have to be in Princeton.

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        I don't know about Princeton for a non-BYO, but maybe The Farnsworth House in Bordentown. We have had some great meals there as of late, and Fatih (Fah-Tee) behind the bar makes a great martini!

        Hamilton Grille Room and Blue Bottle are both great, however, they are BYO. Could always mix up martini's first and then put them in a wine bottle! ;-) -mJ

    2. Another option is Eno Terra which is in Kingston, just a couple of miles north of Princeton. Very attractive dining room and the bar area is also very nice to dine in. Great wine list and the food is solid. Here is some info.

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        I think Eno Terra would be my choice too. Another place near Princeton that I like is Main Street Bistro, which is located in the Princeton Shopping Center. I've always enjoyed the food there though I can't comment on the martinis!

        I also thought of Rat's in Hamiltonbut I haven't been there since the new chef took over. I've read a few positive comments - and no negative ones - so that's a good sign.

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