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Nov 30, 2009 12:13 PM

Amsterdam Vegetarian-Friendly?

Hi everyone,
This is my very first post to Chowhound, and I've joined in search for delicious restaurants in Amsterdam. I will be there for two dinners and three lunches. I am a vegetarian but don't necessarily want to eat at strictly vegetarian restaurants. I have been doing a little bit of reading on the boards here and De Kas keeps coming up-- is it exquisite as some people make it out to be or over-hyped?
Thanks so much!!

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  1. Welcome! It may be a challenge to find vegetarian options, but it certainly can be done. Here are a few options that come to mind:

    De Witte Uyl (they always have a few nice veggie options)

    Sherpa (Nepalese and Tibetan food – worth trying if you haven’t had it before

    Bazar (North African-ish? They have a few veggie options

    Eat at Jo’s (haven’t been here yet, but have heard that they have veggie options as well

    …and of course there are Italian options, and if you want to check “pannenkoeken” and “rijsttaffel” off of your to-do list, the pancake places and Indonesian restaurants are generally veggie-friendly as well.

    Re: De Kas (, I would argue that it is both exquisite AND over-hyped. I’m most impressed with how vegetable-intensive the food is, but least impressed with how overpriced it also is. Note that the menu changes everyday, so you also need to keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be excited enough about the food to drop at least €50 per person. If you aren’t concerned about taking the chance, then you may also want to finish your evening here:

    Succes, and please let us know how it goes!!

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      Some of the ex-squat restaurants are really good - no seriously - cheap and good wholesome food and cheap beer (plus they are non-profit).

      De Peper (Overtoom 301, near Vondelpark) is probably the pick. 7 euros for soup and main, which is vegan and organic, really good quality stuff. Plus just a good place to enjoy a beer and life.

      The other ex-squat are a bit cheaper, but tend to be a bit more basic in terms of food.

    2. My favourite restaurant in all of Amsterdam is actually vegetarian/vegan, even though I'm a big meat eater. It's called De Bolhoed and it has really cheap and great meals for lunches as well as amazing desserts and a great atmosphere. Their dinner is slightly pricier but still worth it.

      It's located beside the canal at Prinsengracht 60.

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        I've been here...adorable restaurant!

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          We tried De Bolhoed the other night, and it was delicious. Two dinner entrees and two beers ran about 37 Euro. I had a North African dish, it was tofu, onion, and pumpkin with savory-sweet spices wrapped in phyllo dough and baked crisp. It came with a side of couscous and some mixed greens. Very fresh tasting and lovely. I'd highly recommend it. (PS, we're not vegetarians, but just wanted something veg that night.)

      2. Cafe de Jaren ( has vegetarian options as does La Perla Pizzeria ( You can also have a nice vegetarian meal at Restaurant Fiorentino if you stick to pasta for the main dish.

        1. Turkish restaurants like Orontes and Levant, and Lebanese restaurant Beyrouth (Kinkerstraat) have vegetarian options especially if you stick to the mezze. You must love eggplant though ;)
          I have heard good things, but have not been there myself, about Betty´s

          Burger restaurant Burgermeester always has 2 vegetarian burgers on the menu.

          1. Maoz!!!!!! Granted they have in NYC too, but it is originally Dutch-Israeli.

            Or go to a supermarket and live on stroopwaffels. Best food ever. I was prepared to starve in Amsterdam, but this was great.