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Nov 30, 2009 10:19 AM

What's the story on the fire that closed the Great Jones St Cafe?

I tried to stop by the Great Jones St Cafe on Saturday night for some blackened catfish and jambalaya after going to the theatre in the neighborhood. But the restaurant was closed due to a fire according to a sign on the door. Does anyone know what happened and when? how bad it was? whether/how soon they plan to re-open? I hope they will be able to re-open and soon, first for the people who own it and work there and second because I like to eat/drink there and would miss it if it was gone. And, of course, I hope nobody was hurt in the fire.

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  1. Google search says the fire happened around November 3, and that they hoped to be open shortly, but apparently that didn't happen.

    1. I just heard about it this minute myself and went on line to find any info - and then on WFMU I heard that it was a minor kitchen fire but because of insurance redtape they cannot open until later this week (Dec. 16 or 17?). The Great Jones website says to keep checking in for more info, or call before going there. I love that place! Haven't been there in a really long time since moving upstate but went there all the time, from the time they opened until around 2002. I hope they'll be all right, especially in this economy and the changing demographics in that part of downtown.