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Nov 30, 2009 10:05 AM

Four dudes come to Austin for a Guy's weekend...where to eat..and drink?

Hi Chowhounds,
A few high school buddies that have since moved all over and had families are picking Austin as a spot in the middle that no one has been to and that we've all wanted to visit.

Would love some recommendations on fun eating places with good food and good atmosphere. We're all in our mid 30's and not looking for a "scene" necessarily or fine linen cloth dining. We like everything...tex-mex, Mexican, BBQ, steaks, etc. One of the guys is a veggie but we're not holding that against him.

Also, if there's a favorite bar/lounge for grabbing a drink, listening to music, revisiting blown up stories from high school and college days, i'd love to hear about those too.

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    1. For some reason, Sazon and then Horseshoe lounge popped into my mind.

      1. For a bar I'd recommend the Ginger Man-83 taps, nice atmosphere-nice patio-300 Lavaca.
        Zax Pints & Plates has steaks and veggie fare-Barton Springs@Riverside.
        Threadgill's for music, Chicken Fried Steak, although they have lost some lustre over the years-across the street from Zax.

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          Zax would be a good choice.......for dinner.

        2. Stay in 4th street or West 6th street area. Cool bars include-Lavaca, Lil Woods, Gingerman (kind of laid back but good beer) Key Bar, Opals, Molotov(almost scene-y), Fado's(Irish bar).
          Music-Antones, Stubbs, Aces
          Food-Mexican(Guerros), BBQ salt lick (if you want to drive) or Iron Works (good sides for the veggie), Sushi Uchi, There are so many local faves here...I'd have to think more on this.

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              thanks everyone - this is helpful as are the links to prior threads.