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Nov 30, 2009 09:55 AM

MSP- Your top three must haves at mercado central

Going there for the first time this coming weekend. We want to sample a few places and dishes. What are your top 3 favorite dishes ( and the corresponding restaurants)? We are omnivores and will eat just about anything that taste good. Thanks.

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  1. Taqueria La Hacienda -- Pork al Pastor
    El Huachi -- Tamales
    Manny Tortas -- Cubana, or the Torta w/ eggs & Mexican sausage
    As you leave head to the Tortilleria for a bag of fresh tortillas....

    1. tacos al pastor at Taqueria la Hacienda
      Manny's special torta at Manny's Tortas
      any tamale at La Loma

      1. The al Pastor at Taqueria La Hacienda is, as you can tell, a deserving crowd favorite. Of their few locations, the one in the Mercado Central seems better for whatever reason.

        Like drew13000, I usually also stop at La Loma for a mix of tamales.

        Just to the right of Taqueria La Hacienda is the Pupuseria El Rincon Salvadoreno. I've enjoyed several things there including, surprise surprise, their pupusas. I'd recommend that for a bit of a change.