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Nov 30, 2009 09:37 AM

Best Fried Clams in NH?

So I am sitting here at my desk eating a late lunch of raisin bran and dreaming of fried clams.

It seems the Boston list has a "Best Fried Clams" thread every day or so, but I can't find that this board has ever had a thread dedicated to this finest of all foods. Any thoughts? I'm interested in NH mostly but will permit minor excursions across the border, say, to Kittery or somewhere. But please not so far as to get us into the endless ol' Clam Shack/Woodmans thing.

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  1. Newick's in Dover Point. Also a place in Seabrook but I don't know the name and have never been.

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      Chuck, many moons ago, my dad was an aircraft mechanic when Pease Tradeport was Pease AFB. Newicks was awesome! I went about five years ago and was underwhelmed by quality and portion size (used be huge). Have you been recently? I would love, for nostalgic reasons, if Newicks is good again. I even love their "gift shop".

    2. Woodman's of Essex Ma, the reputed inventor of the fried clam, opened a New Hampshire location in Litchfield. It's at 454 Charles Bancroft Highway at Mel's Funway Park on Route 3A. They're closed for the season, but will reopen in the spring.

      And while it's not in New Hampshire per se, Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, just over the bridge from Portsmouth, comes close to qualifying. Lots of folks also love Petey's in Rye, and Brown's in Seabrook, both along the New Hampshire seacoast.

      1. If you're in Concord, Beefside on Manchester St has pretty good fried clams (and onion rings). Our current favorite is a fairly new place called the Pizza Market in Franklin NH on Rt 3B. Very friendly, huge portions and tasty cole slaw. Very casual type of place with a bar in the back but doesn't seem to get rowdy.

        1. Best fried clams in NH is at the Lobster Claw II at the traffic circle in Derry, NH. Place doesn't look like much, but they are definitely the best I've ever had, by far.

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            Elyn, this is the one that, if traveling by 93 N, is off of exit 3? Or am I hallucinating that?

          2. Easy. Al's Seafood in N. Hampton on Rt. 1. Incredible fried clams, not at all greasy, easy parking, and reasonable in price. Also, selling 1.5lb lobsters for 4.25/lb last time I checked.