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Nov 30, 2009 09:17 AM

Döner Kebob anywhere, esp. in South Bend area?

Ever since I spent a couple of years in Germany and got hooked on the Turkish Döner Kebab sandwiches, I've wondered if they are made anywhere in the States. I live in South Bend, so that's where I'll start the inquiry. (I also plan to visit Philly soon, but I guess that's an inquiry for another board.)

For those who don't know, these are somewhat like the much more available Greek-style shawarmas. Meat is thinly sliced, layered onto a vertical rotisserie, and cooked from the side, and then seared meat is shaved off to order from the stack. In Berlin, where I liked them best in Germany, the meat was shoveled into a bread that was more raised than pita, and it was garnished with chopped lettuce, sliced cabbage, onions, and maybe tomato, and we would typycally use a spicy red sauce along with (or instead of) the mild and white Greek-style tsatsiki sauce which you typically find in the USA.

Thanks for any leads! I miss these things...

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  1. After spending half of last year in Germany, I know the feeling. I've not found anything identical in Minneapolis, but some things similar. Seems like no one uses shredded cabbage around here.

    1. I've heard doner kebab is very similar to a gyros, so you may get more suggestions if you ask for recs in the South Bend area using that term.

      1. It does sound a lot like gyros, which is/are (?) served at many Greek restaurants. I've read through the entry on Wikipedia, and I'm still not sure of the difference.

        There are seven Turkish restaurants in the Chicago area:

        There are over 100 Greek restaurants in the Chicago area. Some of the best are in the Greek Town neighborhood just west of downtown Chicago:

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          I'll have to try Chicago Turkish places, maybe. Thanks for the pointer, nsxtasy!

          Greek Gyros are, to my mind, very little like Turkish Döner Kebabs. The Kebabs I had in Germany used cabbage, a sharper sauce (and red rather than white), and a bread rather than pita wrapper, to begin with. I'm also not sure that a USA Turkish "restaurant" would feature them, because they were served in Germany as a street food, or like a lunch item bought from a hole in the wall. It might be analogous to going to an American restaurant for a chili dog: not their main thing.

        2. I also used to get Döner Kebob's when I lived in Germany..I loved them. Great after drinking food.

          I have yet to find a proper Döner Kebob in Detroit. I would love to find some here too.

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          1. re: JanPrimus

            On a trip to the UK, someone suggested getting Döner Kebobs after the pub. In my mind, I somehow connected them with the Donner Party, so I declined.

            1. re: archfan

              Not an appetizing prospect, eh? Actually, I once found a place in London near the South Kensington tube station that made the best Döner Kebabs I'd found anywhere outside of Berlin. I'm just hoping it's not necessary to go intercontinental.

              Think I'll stop by a King Gyros outlet here and see what they know about these things.

              1. re: archfan

                If Donner's taste as good as Doner's I would be in the white pages looking for dinner. :) Just kidding...I jest.

              1. re: Bada Bing

                Cincinnati and Columbus have Cafe Istanbul, which has doner kebabs. The one time my ex-so went to the now gone Dayton location, they were out.