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Nov 30, 2009 09:09 AM

Stuck...50 person party, $35 a head tops: WHERE?

Trying to have it in Bronx/Westchester/Northern NJ area.

Was originally aiming for cocktail/tapas type party, but now just trying to get alternate ideas. Though I still love my original idea. Bar/Restaurants are good as long as they are in decent shape haha.

Would love to include at least beer/wine in that price.

Thanks hounds =)

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  1. Adega Grill in the Ironbound (Newark's Spanish/Portuguese/Brazilian section) has a lovely private room in the back and they definitely offer a sit-down meal (including sangria and beer, iirc) for that budget!

    1. For that budget the only place that comes to mind is Lusitania in Yonkers. Food is good, service is great, decor is nothing to speak of...

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        A Sunday brunch is probably your best bet. Search this board for previous postings on that topic. I've done a brunch @ Zanaro's in White Plains (buffet), we were given our own private area (upstairs) and servers. The food was wonderful, lots of raves. Cost was $20-25 a head (this was almost 2 years ago).

      2. Just a suggestion - why don't you pick a likely place, or a place you like, and tell the owner your price range. Most places would be delighted to have your business. If the restaurant is at all creative, it should be able to devise a menu (with drinks) that eats well and doesn't look cheap. I wouldn't worry about what the menu says vis-a-vis prices; just go in and tell them what you're looking for. Obviously don't go into the Four Seasons with this tactic, but there are many places on Pelham Pkwy and Arthur Ave which should be appropriate to your budget (I really like Captains on Pelham Pkwy, and they have a nice dining room in the back). Stay away from the hot places (Roberto's on Arthur Ave, for example). I know you said tapas, but hey, small plates are small plates. Cheese, a bite of pasta, whatever, I'm sure you can work out a nice menu.
        Hope this helps.

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          I agree with this logic. You would be surprised at what you can get if you ask!

          Enzo's, corner of Neill ave and Williamsbridge road in the Bronx is another good place in the Morris Park/Pelham Pkwy area of the Bronx, as is either Patricia's location. The Throgs Neck Patricia's has a little more space, not sure if the Morris Park one has finished renovations yet.

        2. And/or...pick a BYO restaurant in NJ and at least BYO!

          1. thanks everyone for the suggestions!! i'm trying to stay away from arthur avenue. I like the zanaro's idea, and i'm still looking around. i'm going to just start calling and stop being afraid of being laughed at for my budget :)

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              That's the spirit!
              (Zanaro's - eh, not so good.)
              Report back and good luck.

              1. re: mrsdebdav

                The way the economy is today, restaurants are dying for business, especially on an off Monday or Tuesday. You'll be surprised the bang for your buck.