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Feb 26, 2005 07:57 PM

NY Style Pizza

  • j

Have just moved from NYC to Santa Monica and was hoping someone could recommend a place on the west side to get a decent slice of pizza....

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  1. Leave your memories of Ray's on 6th Avenue behind. There's great pizza in L.A. (do a search here), but generally not great pizza by the slice. So while places like Mulberry Street offer by the slice, it's generally popped back in the overn for a re-heat (just like 90% of the places in NYC...).

    That said, because of customer turnover, Costco's is surprisingly okay, as is the place in the Glendale Galleria. Johnny's (sp) in the Westside has its proponents and detractors. I've had a slice at Village Pizza in Larchmont, and it was re-heated, but okay.

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      My bad - I totally spaced out on Lamonica's (sorry I haven't been in awhile). You really should check out the Westwood branch since it is pretty close to NYC pizza slice.

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        Costco? You just said that to a guy coming from NYC? Jesus, man. Jesus.

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          Sorry but Costco is nothing but an insult to decent pizza anywhere not just NY. I have been to LA many times I do not think you can anything even resembling NY "street Pizza" anywhere on the west coast. With that being said you can get Brick oven Pizza in LA. I have been to Pizzaria Mozza & Pitfire Pizzaria. Mozza was better but does come with a price. But anybody thinking Costco pizza is even edible I feel for you.

          Ciao- (Brooklyn Pizza Snob)

        2. Forget it, Jill, just enjoy the weather and Mexican food here. Your fave NY slice will taste even better when you return home.

          Mulberry St is the closest you'll find but it's not by us out here in SM.

          1. You can't really compare it to New York pizza, but I do like Abbott's pizza. The Santa Monica location is across from Santa Monica College on Pico and 18th (or 17th). They've usually got about 5 of their pizzas at a time (or more?) available for slice, which they do reheat. Good enough for me. (I was only born in NYC but did not grow up there).

            1. Not too far, next to UCLA, try Lamonica's New York Pizza. Good luck in your search.

              1066 Gayley Ave Westwood, CA 90024

              1. I don't usually like chain food, but I just tried a Red Brick Pizza the other day, and found that it taste like NY style pizza (salty, greasy, cheesy, thin chewy-on-the-inside but crisp-on-the-outside crust). I grew up in NYC too, so I think I know what you might be looking for.

                The one closest to you is probably Culver City.