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Nov 30, 2009 08:34 AM

Patou in Philly at 312 Market St.

Does anyone know how this restaurant is? It's owned by the person who opened Bistro St. Tropez. Bistro St. Tropez used to be good, but was pretty awful on a recent trip. I don't want to repeat a bad experience.

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  1. Love the name, I'm also a Meg who loves to eat!:)

    I went to Patou for restaurant week a couple years ago and was not overly impressed. There are so many other outstanding restaurants around Philly that I would pass. But again, it's been a while, maybe it's better/more memorable now.

    Are you looking for a particular cuisine or just something new?

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    1. re: Formaggio

      Looking for something new. My friend and I are going to the Diana exhibit, and dinner after. I have some credits with, and it was on their list. Nothing else in the area looked interesting, except for Cafe Spice, but I'm not sure my friend will eat Indian. Maybe I'll just post for suggestions.

      1. re: Meg Loves to Eat

        cafe spice is very sterile indian, my indian-hating bf will eat there. and no on patou, but it seems i don't need to go there since others beat me to it.

    2. I was only there for a wine-tasting dinner a couple of years ago. I remember the food being ok, but nothing that gave me the urge to go running back.