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Nov 30, 2009 08:22 AM

San Antonio, on Riverwalk good wine list good food?

We are staying at the Watermark for one night only, and will only have a few hours to stroll the Riverwalk (first time there) and to eat.

Was thinking of LeReve but the web page leads me to believe they have tasting menus only. Is that true? I'm thinking that would be a looooooong meal. Also it appears that it's not really on the Riverwalk. I'm confused obviously.

Otherwise, what do you suggest? We definately want to walk there from the hotel and are looking for a white tablecloth type of place that takes reservations. We like a variety of differenty cuisines. We live in New Orleans and are totally spoiled by the wealth of dining options.

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  1. I moved here three years ago from New Orleans and know the feeling! Le Reve has closed. Pesca at the Watermark is good and has an oyster bar which will remind you of home. I'd also recommend Las Canarias, Budro's, Acenar.

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      Thanks so much. I'll check those out.

    2. Oooo, I was about to post the same question -- my wife and I will be staying at the Watermark in February. I will be looking forward to everyone's suggestions, and Linda431, please report back after your visit -- hope you have a great time!

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        Will do strong95. We're going next week so I'll let you know what we find.

      2. Le Reve closed on October 31st, but Chef Weissman has a new Italian restaurant Il Sogno & has relocated his seafood restaurant, Sandbar. Both establishments are located on the Pearl Brewery grounds & have an extensive wine list.

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          You can get to the Pearl Brewery walking on the river but it'll be close to a mile if not longer-delightfull in milder weather. Sogno and Sandbar DON'T take reservations-haven't had issues getting a table at Sogno if you're there early. Looking forward to trying the new Sandbar (old location was a personal favorite). You might also consider another couple of new places- Restaurant Insignia (Jason Dady), Oloroso (Southtown-longish stroll from downtown) and an old standby, Biga on the Banks(great food-service variable). All three of these DO take reservations.

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            Yes, I second Biga on the Banks which is great.

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              I would offer a third on Biga. Ate there in October and it was outstanding. Had the mixed grill: venison with quail. Also ate at Pesca, and I would advise you to skip it, unless you are in the mood for people watching, as they do have a good location. Food was acceptable, but way overpriced for the mediocre seafood they serve.

            2. re: Sam Spade

              You can also get to Pearl via river taxi, not sure how late they run.

          2. Bohanan's would be my first choice.

            Biga on the Banks.