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Nov 30, 2009 08:06 AM

Goine to Orlando and need some inexpensive restaurants

We love thai, seafood, italian, japanese, almost everything any suggestions we'll be eating dinner two nights.

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  1. One of the best deals that I currently know of, is the before 7 pm manu at the Black Olive. Three courses $20. Excellent food.

    Also many of the highend steakhouses are offering great value bar/lounge menus. Look on the websites for times. The Palm, Flemings, Mortons. (I heard Shula's was offering a bar menu as well)

    The Black Olive and The Palm are both Opentable.

    1. For Thai either Thai House or Red Bamboo both a decently priced and red bamboo's lunch menu is rather inexpensive.

      1. Don't know what area your going to be in, but I have eaten at both Thai House and Red Bamboo and enjoy both, but my new fav Thai restaurant is SEA Thai off of E. Colonial close to the Fasion Square mall a little different menu options then the rest.

        For seafood I would recommend Boston Fish House off of Aloma.

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          seathai is my new favorite thai place! its pretty reasonably priced too!

        2. Flemings Steakhouse is running a 5 for 6 until 7 promotion, where they have 5 of their normal apps, cocktails & house wines for 6 dollars until 7pm. Includes a prime burger, which is phenomenal. On the drink list is a Ketel One martini, which is 3oz of premium vodka for six bucks. Their apps are very good too, so this is a hard deal to beat.

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            I agree the flemings $6 burger is phenomenal. Don't see how they can keep offering it at that price, so take advantage while it is still there. Also forgot to mention that The Black Olive offers $3 martini's weekdays till 8pm, another great deal. They also validate parking in the garage.

          2. Thanks everybody for the great advice, can't wait to try some of these suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes.

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            1. re: ria

              where will you be staying exactly? that may help narrow the search down if you want to cut down on travel.


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                My favorite of all in Orlando, and it's moderate, is Memories of India in Lake Mary, which is a northern suburb. There's also one on Turkey Lake Road, off of Sand Lake Road if you will be closer to the attractions.

                Napasorn downtown has excellent Thai at reasonable prices (oh man, the thai tea, yum!).

                You can't beat Le Coq Au Vin just south of downtown for reasonably priced, really good French food, or Il Pescatore near downtown for inexpensive, amazing Italian. Seriously, I haven't had Italian food as good in San Fran, Chicago, or DC (I'm working on a NYC trip for next year, so we will see).

                Chan's near downtown has the best dim sum in town. They used to do dim sum only on Fridays, but I've heard they do it every day now, although I haven't been in a while to confirm that.

                If you want BBQ, there are 3 locations of O'Boys in town, which is a local fave bbq place (there are some other bbq's, and everyone has a favorite, mine is O'Boys).

                1. re: starbucksbrew

                  nice list! altho i must defer to ming's bistro for best dim sum, located off of mills ave and woodward st