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Nov 30, 2009 08:00 AM

Questions about Fruition-Denveer

I am just wondering about some general info on Fruition. Like atmosphere? cost? hours? I have heard nothing but good things about Fruition but I dont want to show up looking like a bum in some jeans and a polo but I also dont want to be over dressed. I have no issue spending $150 total for two people and drinks, I am in the ballpark for Fruition? What are their standard hours? Do you recommend a res for something during the week?

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  1. Fruition is one of my favorite restaurants in Denver. You could get away with jeans with a collared shirt or sweater, but most diners are business casual. Entrees are in the $20-30 range. I always recommend a reservation for Fruition, they stay busy.
    You can check menu, hours, etc. on their website:

    1. I think we were right around $375-400 for 4, the last time I was at Fruition, including a 25% tip. We had cocktails, and 2 bottles of wine, and dessert...but IIRC no apps. Worth every penny too; I agree with poster below re "one of my favorites", I'd say top five for sure.

      I haven't worn jeans + polo, but I could have done so comfortably. Certainly jeans + polo + jacket or sweater.

      1. It was about a year ago that we had a wonderful meal at Fruition. Have a look at our review posted on the following Chow thread about Denver fine dining:
        Your questions about current prices and hours can be answered on Fruition's website. If you have more questions, call or e-mail Paul Attardi, General Manager and Co-owner of Fruition. He will be helpful. (His e-mail address, by the way, is
        Happy eating!