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Nov 30, 2009 07:00 AM

Pilar's - Ann Arbor

For those of you who were disappointed when Pilar's Cafe on South State Street closed last year, there is hope for you. Pilar's Tamales is now open on West Liberty, between Stadium and Maple. Kitchen itself is not ready. She used an electric griddle to warm our pupusas, which were delicious, as was the spicy hot chocolate.

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  1. I never visited Pilar's on State Street, but I think the West Liberty spot is going to become one of my new favorites. I had the lunch special: squash tamale, casamiento, plantains, curtido, and tamarindo juice. All very good, especially the juice. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    1. re: andrewmedley

      I found the w. liberty location to be terrible. The tamales were unwrapped, water logged, and bland. The rice and beans were similarly bland and watery. And they are selling their tamales for four bucks a piece.

      1. re: Danimal

        I know a lot of people have complained that the tamales aren't wrapped--but I've had them both ways and I don't think I could tell the difference by taste alone. I like the Liberty store, it;s a good option when I'm on that side of town. I do prefer some tamales over others, such as beef or pork rather than the chicken, but I didn't find them bland at all. Also love the iced mocha drink. I agree that Pilar's isn't cheap, but she supports a lot of local growers, which means higher prices. To me, it's worth it.

    2. Is it in the old Fresh Seasons place?

      Pilar's also sells at the AA Farmer's Market. Saw them there yesterday.