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Nov 30, 2009 06:28 AM

I Like it RAW! (or not). RAW vs. COOKED

There are some things I like raw, but not cooked, or vice versa.

I like mushrooms cooked (sauteed in butter is best for me), but raw, nah!

I like cooked broccoli, but always leave it to the very last to eat on any salad plate (where i've put it out of a sense of dietary duty).

Carrots? hmmm, i think I like them equally raw or cooked.

Spinach? I''m a spinach freak, so I love it either raw or cooked.

What about you?

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  1. I prefer oysters raw, but I will eat them if they are fried or cooked in something.

    I like most vegetables raw, and if they are cooked they need to be barely cooked so they still have crunch.

    1. Was just discussing this with a friend before bird day last week when discussing pies.
      I can't stand most (sweet) fruit cooked. I can do peach cobbler, blueberry pie, or blackberry pie, but for the most part, apples, cherries, pears, strawberries - once you cook them, I think they are ruined.

      Carrots. Can't STAND them when they are cooked. They have some sort "nose" that irks me beyond belief. Hate thme when they are cooked. I'll eat them by the pound raw, however.

      Raisins. Once you bake them or heat them up, I want nothing to do with them at ALL. Love em before that, tho.

      Really not a big fan of ama ebi - prefer them cooked.

      I also prefer cooked oysters to raw ones.

      Conversely, I usually enjoy most sashimi to its cooked counterpart.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        I'm the exact opposite. I really like cooked fruits, including raisins, which I think are immensely improved by cooking. I eat raw fruit only on occasion.

        I hate raw carrots unless they're pickled or hidden in coleslaw, but I'm fine with cooked carrots.

      2. I love oysters raw and enjoy them smoked but don't care for them cooked.

        Carrots are great raw but I only care for them cooked when done with a pot roast or in a soup or stew.

        Beets are not appealing to me unless they're in borscht (which I love). I can't eat pickled beets even under threat of Emily Post's ghost haunting me. I do well to just stay in the same room where they are.

        I prefer cooked broccoli but will eat it raw.

        Spinach is good however I can get it.

        1. I really like most of my veggies raw. I like mushrooms cooked when done right, as well as some greens, but I can't stand cooked broccoli or carrots.
          Fruits I prefer raw as well. A grilled peach I can go for, but the only part of fruit pies I ever really eat is the crust...
          For the seafoods, I like raw oysters now and then, but also like them cooked (i'm a sucker for a can of smoked oysters or oyster stew), and I really really looove most sashimi.

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          1. re: DreamCyn

            tee hee - I can't stand the apples or cherries in a pie, but I'd LOVE to just scoop out the innards, and eat the whole bottom crust that's been soaked with juices, and sugar.

            1. re: gordeaux

              Same here - not a big fan of pie innards, but love the crust

              Raw fish over cooked fish - I've tried and tried to love cooked fish, but it's rare

              I like raw carrots as is, but I love them cooked

              Raw mushrooms are a go - for those regular button mushrooms, I much prefer them raw; cooking them gives off this strange smell

              Cooked celery over raw celery

              Hate raw broccoli (and probably cauliflower too) - loooove them cooked

              Pure, cool raw fruit - don't want mah frootz adulterated in any way. But don't mind them in baked goods, of course

              I think I prefer all meats/animal proteins raw or closer to raw (at least very rare)

              Aren't a lot of the foods listed (mostly veggies) served only cooked anyway? I ate raw squash(es) once at a rawvegan restaurant and had stomach pains :(. I can't think of a dish that uses uncooked mushrooms (though I like them uncooked).

              1. re: janethepain

                tomatoes? raw
                broccoli? both
                Cauliflower? both (but prefer roasted)
                celery? if it is the tender (nearly stringless) hearts, raw, but otherwise only cooked
                fish? raw unless its a white fish, but do love some sesame crusted seared tuna
                carrots? really good baby carrots (love bolthouse farms), raw otherwise only cooked, roasted til carmelized
                spinach? both
                squash and zucchini? prefer cooked, but will eat raw if cut in batons with a good dip, or shaved thin in a salad
                mushrooms? ONLY cooked
                beef? med-rare or less.... any more and i won't even eat it

          2. I won't eat raw celery or raw carrots, but don't mind them cooked. Stir frying isn't enough. They have to be thoroughly cooked. With celery, it's not just the taste, but also the stringy texture that turns me off.

            Conversely, I love raw pineapple, but can't abide it cooked. Sweet and sour dishes with bits of slimy, cooked pineapple--ugh. Ditto for bananas, which I'll happily consume raw, but don't like in baked goods, like banana bread. And although I enjoy both plain peanuts and peanut butter, I despise peanut butter added to cookies, pies, etc.