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Nov 30, 2009 06:18 AM

Exceedingly Cool Rooftop Bar - Asheville

We stood on the 7th floor balcony in the 35 degrees and 20 mph wind Friday night, admired the lights of the city and the whooshing fire pit. Drank mugs of hot apple cider spiked w/ apple brandy, grand marnier and goldschalger (just a touch for the cinnamon) I'm told. They also have a level with a roof and chairs, and a small indoor space.

We can't wait to go back earlier to watch the sunset. I had to google to be able to tell you the name, here's what I found:


For great views of the Art Deco skyline framed by the Smoky Mountains, take the rickety old elevator to the top of the Flatiron Building. (Don't forget to tip the operator.) The World Coffee Cafe (18 Battery Park Avenue; 828-225-6998; recently opened three rooftop balconies, where you can savor a glass of pinot grigio as the sun sets.

I'm HORRIFIED that I didn't tip the elevator guy, he was adorable...I just didn't know that was a custom. I would not call the super-cool elevator "rickety" but it was the old fashioned kind that the operator adjusts by hand.

They said they open at 5, just before sunset, HIGHLY recommended for coolness factor. We were the ONLY two patrons on a Friday night, so go quick....I don't want it to close!

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  1. I've been hoping to try this place, but haven't made it yet. Isn't the name of it "The Sky Club", though? There was an article in Mountain Express about it in June, 2008.

    1. That does sound lovely, Danna, but what about those of us who aren't fond of heights? Can the same view still be had from indoors?

      1. It's called the Sky Club and they've been open at least three summers. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset and watch the action downtown. Pretty sure they close for the season very soon, but will reopen as soon as spring arrives.

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        1. re: NANCY

          3 summers!!?!?! Good Lord, it took me longer to find this place than it did the Admiral!

          Yes, Jeff, there's a window in the small indoor room. Also, the 6th floor terrace looked like it would be less scary than the 7th floor platform because it was wider and I would think you could sit well away from the edge.

          I'm not a liquor connoiseur, all I know is you could see the bottles lining a window from outside on the patio. After the waitress described enthusiastically her special toddy, she made a sweeping gesture towrd the window, said they had a full bar , i beleive the quote was "look at all that liquor, hell yeah!" She was great.

          I think you would be pleased w/ the cocktail menu at Sazerac. Also a cool rooftop, but just 2nd floor and no significant view.

          1. re: danna

            2nd floor, huh? Now THAT's more my speed! ;-D

            1. re: Jeff C.

              There is no view at Sazerac. Zero. I actually had to stand on my tip-toes just to see over the ledge, and all that was there was the parking lot across from Mellow Mushroom. Fabulous drinks, though.

        2. My heart is going pitter-patter!! I started a thread on this awhile back asking that same question (are there any good rooftop bars) and that was the only one suggested. I have seen it from the street and it looks very worthy. I read somewhere that the drinks were basic? They called it a service bar, but I wasn't sure what that meant?? I had no idea it was still open - thought it was a summer thing. Very cool.

          Also want to check out Sazerac's rooftop bar (although I suspect the view from Sky Bar would beat it handily).

          Oh, and a winter staple in this house is hot cider with Captain Morgan's spiced rum. ARRrrr!