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Nov 30, 2009 05:31 AM

Ethnic Groceries in NoVa

I thought of creating a "go-to" thread for various ethnic grocery stores in Northern Virginia.

Here are some that I frequent:

Ali Baba in Vienna -- good groceries, meats, pastries, excellent house-made fresh pita
Attila's on Columbia Pike -- just got some good feta and soujuk there.
----Neat molasses varieties. ("Turkish Market" I think it is called -- behind Attila's).
Lebanese Taverna market in Arlington
Halal market behind Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church
Gourmet Basket in McLean -- *great* pumpkin kibbe! good pita (Ali Baba is better).
-----good bulgarian feta. (does catering I understand).
-----decent prices on staples, like syrups, molasses, etc.
Mediterranean Bakery (thanks, The Matt), Pickett Street, Alexandria
----- also mid-east groceries, and fresh hummus, etc.

Mount of Olives (near Rabieng) for Greek items, including tarama.

Across from Cherrydale Safeway, "The Philippine Market" (?)

Duangarat's Grocery (next to Rabieng and Mount of Olives).
Bangkok 54 (I haven't been, but others recommend it).
Eden Center grocery
--------(i get their shredded green papaya, kaffir lime leaf, fresh rice noodles, pastes, etc.).
H-Mart, Grand Mart (thanks kt!).

India A-1 grocery across from MickeyD's in Arlington, near Glebe on 29.
----- (also have some Sri Lankan pastes, mixes, etc.)
(Does anyone know of the Indian - Sri Lankan grocery in Centreville? near 66?)

Euro-Latino Market (The place at corner of Pershing and Washington Blvd. -- reportedly Argentinian cuts of meat).
The place near Whole Foods in Clarendon (but I think it is expensive -- some items cost more than in Whole Foods!)
Bestway on Telegraph Rd. -- staples, proteins, offal (thanks monavano)

German Gourmet in Falls Church and near Bailey's Crossroads
-------(I like the original, on Rte. 29 better) (best wurst and cheese selection,
--------great mustards, condiments).
Heidelberg Bakery, Arlington (German mustards, wursts, fresh breads, pastries)
Swiss Bakery -- Springfield & Burke -- breads, pastries, cakes, gourmet foods

Latin: Euro-Latino Market (Argentinian?)
---- El Chapparal (Salvadoran?)

Please add your ideas. Thanks!

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  1. El Chapparel in Arlington for meats.

    The Lebanese Butcher for lamb and meats especially hard to find cuts.

    Then of course there is H-Mart and Grand Mart.

    1. (All spellings approximate)

      The Greek place you reference is called Mount of Olives, and it carries general Middle Eastern items as well. The Thai grocery is called, naturally enough, Duangrat's.


      Euro-Latina Market, corner of Washington Blvd and Pershing Dr in Arlington for Portuguese wine, also South American sausages and other meats.

      El Chapparal market, across Wilson from Whole foods, for meats (but, unfortunately, they seem to no longer offer ready-to-go empanadas).

      For Italian, the Italian Market at Spout Run & Lee Hwy (but Litteri's in DC is usually cheaper).

      Also, of course, all the H-Marts in Northern Va. for Korean and other East Asian items.

      Glad you mentioned that little Philippine place. In addition to specialty grocery items, their carry-out is great, particularly on Saturday when they have it all set out so you can see it, but I worry that no one knows it's there.

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      1. re: Gonzocook

        gonzocook, i remembered that euro-latino place while you were posting. thanks.

        i'm going to add in your names to my general post.

      2. Bestway on Telegraph Rd. just off the beltway for Latino foods. Great for staples and proteins, especially offal if you're looking for it.
        I buy chicken parts for stock. Just yesterday, I picked up 2 huge turkey legs to supplement my turkey carcass in making a stock for turkey vegetable soup. Cost me $3.80.
        Also great for fajita meat, oxtails and shanks for braising, and all sorts of chorizo.

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        1. re: monavano

          When I fire up the smokers for BBQ, I get all my untrimmed briskets and pork shoulder from Bestway. Decent whole fish selection as well.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            espn! I was thinking that it had been too long since I braised a brisket. In fact, I was eyeing many cuts and thinking mmmmmmmmm brasing *Homer Simpson voice*

        2. I'd add the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria on Pickett St. Another Lebanese place, I think, but they have many Middle Eastern groceries along with their house-made items like hummus, mujadarah, pitas, etc.

          Also, may or may not fit, but the Swiss Bakery does have a selection of European items:

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          1. re: TheMatt

            good point about swiss bakery, thanks.

          2. Reston/Herndon edition:
            - The big mart on Elden just off the square - sort of like an H-Mart but I forget the name - Latin focused with Asian stock

            - Asian - a great small market is in Herndon by Amphora's bakery (across the driveway and down a bit further towards Taste of the World.

            - I think it's an H-Mart that's up at Rt7 and Dranesville road, near Thai By Thai.

            - A Compare Foods is coming soon to Tall Oaks in Reston - I *think* it'll have a lot of ethnic offerings - unfortunately a market was there and closed (surprising me - I thought they were doing well).

            In the KMart center, there is at least one Salvadoran market (behind the McD's), an Indo-Pak place and a Mid-Eastern market (Halal?)