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Nov 30, 2009 05:31 AM

Maison du macaron

Ws at the Salon du livre last week and stunble upon a macaron cookbook made but the owners of Maison du macaron and I absolutely love. I always thought it was hard and daring but everything is well explainded and simply put. Tried the blueberry ones and the filling was really good but my shells were so-so. Tried the chocolate one the next night and the filling was amazingly rich and the shells were almost perfect. Not as good looking as at the shop but still very satisfying. The book (in french) is highly recommended.

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  1. La Maison du Macaron is officially changing its name and location as they delight customers with a new and expanding product line. As of May 8, 2014, La Maison du Macaron will be known as “À la Folie – Pâtisseries audacieuses” and be located at 1126 avenue Mont-Royal East!!

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      It should be in the openings thread, but, finally! It's about time they stop doing only macarons (no pastry shop should focus on one thing only anyway). They have too much talent to waste it mainly on one thing. And it was never well located, lots of people didn't see them by just walking on Mont-Royal.