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Nov 30, 2009 04:37 AM

Is there a restaurant in Toronto worth getting dressed up for?

I've never really felt the need to get dressed up to dine; maybe I have the wrong mindset, but I am hoping it's because I haven't been to the "proper" restaurants. I've gone to some nice places like George, Colborne Lane, etc; but the only place I've ever semi-dressed up for was Scaramouche.

I was told that Truffles was worth it, but it's close now right? Is there a place in Toronto still worth getting dressed up for?

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  1. We dined at Bellini's in June, and we dressed up for the occasion. I noticed that except for one couple, everyone else was dressed up. I thought it to be a lovely restaurant, with great food!

    1. That is kind of a funny question don't you think? I don't think you would be out place getting dressed up in any of the restaurants you've mentioned. Maybe somewhere classic like Auberge Du Pommier?

      1. I do not think that there is anywhere in Toronto where a strict, old-skool dress code is still enforced (i.e. the old jacket and tie rule). As long as one doesn't look like a complete vagrant I can't imagine being turned away from even the finer establishments. Money talks.

        But whether someplace is worth getting dressed up for is a different question and entirely subjective. I (often) dress for dinner when the occasion merits or just because I think dressing up is fun. Then again, I've probably been watching too much Madmen. You've been wining and dining this girl all over Toronto for as long as I can remember, stoned. It seems that even if the restaurant isn't "worth it," she probably is!!

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          I have to agree here. It depends on whether or not you'd feel uncomfortable amongst people who aren't dressed up or how comfortable you feel dressed up.

          Personally, it's nice to get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant. It gives a certain feeling to a person. At least it does to me. Then again, on the rare occasions that I have to wear a suit to hockey it gives me a sense of importance. Since all the pros wear them to games.


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            Agree entirely! Except, you would be surprised at how some people who dress to the nines owe everything to the bank and some people who dress like vagrants can be millionaires...

            Personally, I've never found Torontonians to dress up when dining out, at least not nearly like Montrealers or New Yorkers. I've seen people dressed up in fancy "sweatpants" at some finer dining establishments in the city. Actually, sometimes the way I eat, sweatpants may be the way to go : )

            1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

              Sometimes it depends on how you dress most of the time. People who dress up in business clothes every day for work might prefer to wear comfortable, casual clothes when out and not working, and vice versa. I work at home and could get away with spending the entire day in pyjamas and a housecoat, if I wish. I don't, but I wear jeans and very comfortable (read: casual) clothes most of the time. I love the opportunity to dress up, be it for dinners out or parties. I get few chances to dress up, so I take them where I can. Any evening at a fine restaurant can be a special one, regardless of how I'm dressed, but for me, having taken care with my dress and appearance adds a touch of grandeur to what might otherwise be just another meal in a restaurant.

              I would add Opus to the growing list of restaurants where I'd dress up. I've dressed very casually (before a hockey game) at Starfish, but I would gladly dress up for a nice evening out, which includes dinner at Starfish.

          2. I'd say Il Mulino, Scaramouche (formal side), Auberge Du Pommier, and any of the old school Italian restos like Sabatino's.

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              I guess certain places like Scaramouche like to keep things a certain way. Obviously if you make reservations at the dining room, that's where they'll put you. But I remember on a few occasions when we felt like just going in randomly...if we were dressed somewhat "appropriately" they'd put us in the dining room, but whenever I've gone in wearing jeans, they'll always lead us to the pasta bar.

              I am not complaining, just a funny observation.

            2. I'd say Auberge too, but I've also gone there in jeans and a nice top.... maybe Canoe?