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Nov 29, 2009 09:54 PM

Whimsical restaurant for my birthday!

So last year I went to Artisanal for my birthday because I love cheese. However it just didn't seem special enough. This year I was thinking of going to Sweetiepie but I haven't hear much about it. I like how whimsical and fun it seems but is the food any good? What else would you recommend for a cheese loving, child at heart, whimsical 28 year old to be? Price and location aren't an issue, I just want it to stand out and be special. Also perhaps a place with an inventive mixologist too.

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  1. For cheese, Casellula is fantastic, charming wine bar off 9th Avenue that specializes in cheeses. I wouldn't call it whimsical, but it has a lovely staff and a nice energy.
    For whimsical dining, Wylie Dufresne has a playful, daring, unusual menu at wd-50, with very inventive cocktails.
    Also check out The Bourgeois Pig, a funky wine bar with a good cheese and fondue menu, and a long list of wine cocktails (they do not serve liquor).
    Happy birthday!

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