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Nov 29, 2009 08:49 PM

Fresh/local fruit or vegetable stands in/near Miami

I am coming to Miami to stage an artful food project at the Verge Art Fair this week. I need to find fresh/local fruit stands before the weekend farmers' markets. Does anyone know of any good roadside spots with produce? Any info would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to experience fresh and delicious food presented as art within the context of Art Basel/Miami Beach, come see us-we are the Wild Feasties! -website live 12/1
A Feastie named E

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  1. You can try El Palacio de los Jugos to buy fruit (5721 W Flagler Street). Depending on where you are located and are willing to travel to, you can also go to Homestead and drive along Krome Avenue (SW 177th Avenue). Here you'll find several fruit stands on the side of the road. See more info here:
    If you do drive to Homestead, you can also go to Robert is Here fruit stand (19200 SW 344th St Homestead, FL). Again, it depends on whether you need one or multiple stands and how far you are willing to travel. Hope that helps!

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      Squash blossoms (a rarity really) was spotted at the Bargain Town farmers market - SW 244 St and US 1 near Homestead.

      They have a lot of other fresh produce as well. Probably more than any other place I've seen in Miami-Dade. Now if Hollywood could just open up their farmers market. Hrm.

    2. And a word of caution, our farmers markets are not very good. Keep that in mind when planning.

      1. If you want the food before the weekend, and you want good looking fruit, I'd avoid El Palacio de los Jugos and choose Norman Brothers or the Wayside Market instead. LAX2MIA is correct until the season get further along.