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Nov 29, 2009 08:28 PM

Philly Cheeseteak in Houston?


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  1. Philly native here, can't say there are any great steaks here, but Jersey Mike's on Kirby is not bad, probably the closest to a real one I've had in Houston. It's a chain, but their hoagies and steaks are pretty good. Philly Connection, another chain, just ok. Texadelphia, not a bad sandwich but not what I would get back home. Joe's Deli, downtown near MinuteMaid Park, makes a good steak sandwich but again not much like anything you would get in Pa.

    1. I'd try Jake's Philly Steaks and Sports Bar on Chimney Rock. I havent been in a long time but many say its the best in Houston...

      1. South Philly Steaks next to UH was the best cheesesteak i've had outside of Philly. Could get whiz and prov, plus it was the only place in houston you could buy tastykakes (Hows that for realness?) Sadly this place closed down in the last year from what i've heard :(.

        1. Jake's on Chimney Rock uses Amoroso rolls and is supposed to have Tastykakes but they've never had any when I've been there. Philly Connection has TK also. If you're down in the bay area try Antonini's Subs and Steaks in Webster. They have a cheesesteak but they don't call it a Philly. The owners are from Delaware and they carry TK also.